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  1. I think that I have asked about this before, but I can't find any record of it.. Please can a consideration for a search bar to appear in the services list so that analysts can search for a service or catalog item to raise a request against. We have an increasing list that is becoming more difficult to find the correct service etc, I know that there is a consideration for having less services but this is currently not the direction that our teams want to go. Something like this....
  2. We have some services where we have supporting teams which works well, however some of these requests need to be shared with other teams but can't find a way to make this possible. We have tried adding a linked service, but this still honours the original service and does not allow access to the request. The only way that we can get this to work is to add a specific analyst as a member then they can see the request, is it possible to allow analysts access by honouring the access of any services that are linked to that request?
  3. Would it be possible to have custom buttons allowed on Services? The reason for us would be to run an autotask to update the service status of services when there are at risk periods or maintenance windows and this information would then appear on the portal via the availability selector. Hopefully with the incoming option to raise bulletins via BPM we can also include a bulletin in the autotask to warn of these issues on the portal.
  4. We've noticed the services on the new Employee Portal are not always in alphabetical order. For the most part they are, however there is one out of place. Is it expected to be able to organize the services on the new Employee Portal or should they default to alphabetical?
  5. Since we updated yesterday, it appears that if we raise a request for an external contact all the services including pipeline are available, it also appears some of these services that we had in the pipeline are now duplicated, without us doing anything? If we raise a job for a 'customer' a basic user then the list appears as normal... Basic User list Contact Service List
  6. Please can someone let me know what this slider does when editing a Service as I couldn't easily find anything on the wiki, thanks in advance
  7. I know that I have already asked this question as part of the Webinar for the new Employee Portal but I just wanted to formalise a question to see how other feel. We are about to add a significant amount of Services to our system and most of these do not need to appear on the portal but we will be raising requests against these for our customers, however with the current model you will only be able to see/interact these requests in the portal if that Service is visible on the portal. Can we ask for an enhancement to allow customers to view all their requests in the portal regardless
  8. Is there a way to link contracts or suppliers to services in Service Manager? Also is there a way to automatically create a supplier from a PCF form? We would like to set up a form for new suppliers and we would like, once supplier is authorised, to create a supplier in Supplier Manager then to add the contracts etc
  9. I'm not sure if this has been asked for before but would it be possible to add a search to the Service List in the PCF so that we can type in a box to return Services or CIs? Our Service/CI list is ever growing, but our analysts know the type of request that they log things against, maybe the search can look at Service/CI Name and descriptions?
  10. hello everyone, as the former administrator of our site has now left the company, it has been left to me to pick up the pieces with regards to Hornbill... therefore for my first post.... can anyone please point me in the right direction of some documentation outlining how I go about creating a new service within Service manager and updating the service categories to reflect this? I fear that we are going to need more services over time and therefore getting used to the way Hornbill works would be needed quite soon. thanks
  11. Is there any way to bulk create services within Service Manager, i.e. us a import file of some kind to create the Service and set Business Process name, assigned Teams etc? We have a large volume of Services to setup and looking to see if this can be automated in anyway. Thanks Martyn
  12. Morning, Is there a way in the BPM to link requests to other services? We have a form that is in a particular service, however, as part of the BPM we would like to link this to other service if certain criteria (via a decision) are met.
  13. Does anyone know if it is possible to put more than one owner on a service? If not possible can someone explain the reasoning for it being this way? Thanks Katie
  14. When clicking on Services in the Service Portfolio we are getting this error on all Services and cannot access any of the information. Is anyone else getting this issue???
  15. Hi, I was wondering when the individual Service Domains are in Service Manager, will there be a certain location/place or folder as such, to track what changes have been made? such as progressive captures? we would like a place to identify what we would currently have within that Service Domain. For an example, Facilities we would want to know, what reports we have, what boards we have, what changes we made to a certain progressive capture or business process? It is just a way we could identify any changes in the system instead of keeping multiple spreadsheet outside Service Man
  16. Hi We'd like to be able to limit the requests that can be linked to other requests - when searching for problems or known errors to link to an incident, problems/known errors from all services are returned. We'd like to limit this so that only requests logged under the same service as the request you're linking from are returned. I know you can specify a service, but we'd like to reduce the risk of incidents being linked to the wrong problems. Is this possible? Lauren
  17. Hi We have a large org structure in SM. We are using all the levels with nesting. So we have Company at the top level then below that division then below that department then costcentre then team. The LDAP import pulls the team info AD so users are populated at the team level. Some services have the entire company subscribed to it such as email and our HR system. When viewing the "Assigned Users" (from the organisation view) for the company it is empty - it does not show the users contained within the nested groups. Is this correct behaviour? We can live with this
  18. Hi all, Love the changes to the service portfolio so far. I do however have a couple of little requests (I know, you could see that coming a mile away) 1. Would it be possible to display the active request types on the service list somewhere? (Screenshot example attached, apologies for the poor quality) 2. Would it be possible to further filter the results based on visibility? (I.e. If a service has SRs but none of them are visible to the analyst and only visible via the portal could we hide said service when selecting Raise New > SR?) As I said at the beginning,
  19. Would it be possible in the future to subscribe services to sites? Also to enable the catalogue item subscription option where the service is subscribed to all.
  20. Hi From today, user EO'Hara cannot see any services on our Self Service portal She has previously had no problems accessing services on the portal. Was able to log self service request yesterday. Issue started today. The same whether using IE11 or Chrome We updated Service Manager to Build 1221 this morning. I can't see any issues with her account. I wouldn't personally include an apostrophe in a username, but this hasn't caused an issue for her with Service Manager before.
  21. As we have created a rather larger volume of services, it would be good to have a search/filter facility on the services screen to make it easier to locate the service(s) you are trying to locate or work on. At the moment we are just using the browser search function to locate the Service we require. Cheers Martyn
  22. I was wondering if there were any other Universities or HE Institutions on here who would be able/ willing to share their basic Service structure? We've started to come up with our lists of Services here at the UoP however it's quite challenging having multiple types of user, across multiple sites who are all using dramatically different services. I'd be interested to see how other people have approached this? Thanks in advance, Katie
  23. Hi there - We are currently having an intermittent issue where the Catalogue items within Services 'forget' the flow they are supposed to be attached to. Similarly, we've also had it within progressive captures where the 'Switch Capture' option forgets where it's supposed to point to. Is this something others have experienced, or is it instance specific? Thanks
  24. Hi, when setting up services, we can select a category ("Request Category Level") which is great (as we can now filter easily on the service portal ). Go forward, when setting up catalogue items, you can order then easily by drag & drop. This is also great for sorting them in a very specific way, giving us the ultimate flexibility. But such feature does not exist for services... Would it be possible to have a simple "Order [int]" field for services? That would allow us to order them the way we want rather than only rely on alphabetical order?
  25. Hi, I tried to change translation to one service, but it seems not working at the moment. Also another user were doing global translations at the same time and it crashes after 3200 translations were done. Best Regards, @MikaP
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