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Found 30 results

  1. Would it be possible in the future to subscribe services to sites? Also to enable the catalogue item subscription option where the service is subscribed to all.
  2. Does anyone know if it is possible to put more than one owner on a service? If not possible can someone explain the reasoning for it being this way? Thanks Katie
  3. Hi all, Love the changes to the service portfolio so far. I do however have a couple of little requests (I know, you could see that coming a mile away) 1. Would it be possible to display the active request types on the service list somewhere? (Screenshot example attached, apologies for the poor quality) 2. Would it be possible to further filter the results based on visibility? (I.e. If a service has SRs but none of them are visible to the analyst and only visible via the portal could we hide said service when selecting Raise New > SR?) As I said at the beginning, loving the changes though! Thanks Dan
  4. Hi From today, user EO'Hara cannot see any services on our Self Service portal She has previously had no problems accessing services on the portal. Was able to log self service request yesterday. Issue started today. The same whether using IE11 or Chrome We updated Service Manager to Build 1221 this morning. I can't see any issues with her account. I wouldn't personally include an apostrophe in a username, but this hasn't caused an issue for her with Service Manager before.
  5. As we have created a rather larger volume of services, it would be good to have a search/filter facility on the services screen to make it easier to locate the service(s) you are trying to locate or work on. At the moment we are just using the browser search function to locate the Service we require. Cheers Martyn
  6. I was wondering if there were any other Universities or HE Institutions on here who would be able/ willing to share their basic Service structure? We've started to come up with our lists of Services here at the UoP however it's quite challenging having multiple types of user, across multiple sites who are all using dramatically different services. I'd be interested to see how other people have approached this? Thanks in advance, Katie
  7. Hi there - We are currently having an intermittent issue where the Catalogue items within Services 'forget' the flow they are supposed to be attached to. Similarly, we've also had it within progressive captures where the 'Switch Capture' option forgets where it's supposed to point to. Is this something others have experienced, or is it instance specific? Thanks
  8. Hi, when setting up services, we can select a category ("Request Category Level") which is great (as we can now filter easily on the service portal ). Go forward, when setting up catalogue items, you can order then easily by drag & drop. This is also great for sorting them in a very specific way, giving us the ultimate flexibility. But such feature does not exist for services... Would it be possible to have a simple "Order [int]" field for services? That would allow us to order them the way we want rather than only rely on alphabetical order?
  9. Hi, I tried to change translation to one service, but it seems not working at the moment. Also another user were doing global translations at the same time and it crashes after 3200 translations were done. Best Regards, @MikaP
  10. Automating SLA Selection For each service that you offer, you may find that you need to provide multiple Service Level Agreements. This video takes you through how Hornbill Service Manager works with SLA rules to automatically apply an appropriate SLA to each request. The Service Level Agreement Rules take away all the guess work that you have when manually selecting an SLA.  Rules can be built with a variety of conditions to ensure that the correct SLA is applied every time.    
  11. Hi We have a large org structure in SM. We are using all the levels with nesting. So we have Company at the top level then below that division then below that department then costcentre then team. The LDAP import pulls the team info AD so users are populated at the team level. Some services have the entire company subscribed to it such as email and our HR system. When viewing the "Assigned Users" (from the organisation view) for the company it is empty - it does not show the users contained within the nested groups. Is this correct behaviour? We can live with this if so however when it comes to raising a request, when prompted to select the service, the ones subscribed at the company level aren't showing. From what I understand this is not correct behaviour - can someone confirm if this is a bug? I've also created a test team directly under the company org and added myself to it. I still cant see services subscribed at the company level when raising a request. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks J
  12. Hi, a quick question with hopefully just as quick a fix. We only have one service and added the 'All contacts' entry into the Subscriber's list. I assumed this would give all newly created contacts access to the service but this isn't the case. No services are listed if I log a call for that contact unless they have been manually entered into the Subscriber's list as a contact first. Am I missing something?
  13. Similar to my earlier post (link below) about, is is possible to do a direct SQL update to set the 'Feedback Expiry' value on multiple services? The default is null/not limited when the feature was introduced and want to set a common value across all 100 plus services. Cheers Martyn
  14. Is there a way via direct SQL to bulk enable timesheet plugin on multiple Services? We have in excess of 100 services, so it would be good if there was workaround to be able to enables timesheet plugs in bulk. Longer terms it would be a good idea to have the ability to apply operations/settings to multiple services in one operation rather than having to do it individually. Cheers Martyn
  15. Hello, I am hoping you may be able to help. We have a team who we would like to lock down so that they can only see calls raised to their two relevant services. They should not be able to see any calls that have been raised under any other service. Anyone should be able to see their calls and anyone should be able to raise calls under their two services. Could you tell me what the best way of doing this would be? I have tried a few different ways but can't seem to get it quite right. I hope this makes sense. Your help on this matter would be appreciated. Many thanks, Melissa
  16. Is it possible to set up a custom security group to give users access to be able to change the status of a service without being able to modify the setup of the service or add/delete services? As part of our major incident process we want our analysts to be able to change the service status to make it visible on the portal but we don't want them to be able to modify any of the setup of the services, response times or resolution times thanks, Pete
  17. Good Morning all, We are running into an issue regarding marking time logged against tickets as billable or not billable. Would it be possible to change the default categories under which a certain action is logged based on the service a request has been logged against, or add an easy way to mark this time as billable? Some of our services are time billable by default, and some are not. Right now we are using a default subcategory called 'Ticket Update' for all time logged against a request. This does not distinguish between billable and not billable time. Because of this we created a second subcategory called 'Ticket Update Billable' for all billable time. Whenever our agents are logging time against a ticket logged against a service whose time is billable our agents would have to constantly change to the second subcategory. This small extra step is easy to forget and when forgotten will cost the organisation money. I look forward to hearing from you, Alex
  18. When our basic users login to the service portal, they are not presented with the available services. They only have the option to change their profile. When the "standard" licenced users login they can view all available portal services. I`ve checked the services and in terms of subscription they are configured as "This service is available to everyone".
  19. Good Morning all, We hope to create a list of all requests which have tasks marked as billable for service 'X'. What I have so far allows us to create a list of tasks marked as billable for clients with a specific value within a custom organization field. For example: All requests with tasks marked as billable for every client whose organization has h_custom_8 = 'Swyx Hosted'. We would rather have the report look at the actual service instead of some custom organization field which may or may not be up-to-date. I figured I would just join h_itsm_servicesubscriptions (h_fk_subscriberid) with h_sys_organizations (h_organization_id). (and optionally h_itsm_servicesubscriptions (h_fk_serviceid) with h_itsm_services (h_pk_serviceid) for filtering on service name instead of service id.) When generating the report the system throws a general "Error occurred while executing generated querry" error. I think it has something to do with the joins, but have been stuck on this for a while and am open for suggestions! Thanks, Alex 1-swyx-hosted---alle-tickets.report.txt
  20. Hi, The search function on our service portal is no longer working I'm not sure when it stopped working but I've tried it today and yesterday and it never returns anything I think it may not have been working on Tuesday either After a while it comes up with the following error We've just started getting a few of our users to trial the portal before we announce it to the organisation I know it has worked ok in the past kind regards, Pete
  21. Hi, Is there any setting that can be altered that controls the number of visible service icons before you have to click on 'More services...'? I've been asked whether it is possible to have them all showing without clicking on that I have explained that you can add your most used as favourites or that you can go to active calls to view the services with active calls against them Thanks, Pete
  22. We have a number of times where we need to move calls from one service to another is this possible? can anything be configured in the business process to switch to another service is a mistake is made? Thanks
  23. Hi, I've just created a new catalog item within a service called 'Remote Working' and for some reason it hasn't put it into alphabetical order. It certainly used to - is this something that has broken or have I forgotten something :-) Thanks Tina Catalog Items.docx
  24. I applied two updates to Service Manager today, the second one seems to have wiped out the progressive captures set against each of the catalogue items Has anyone else experienced this? We're looking to go live next week but we can't have an update knocking out these settings especially when we start getting users to use the service portal
  25. We are currently setting up a large number of Services ahead of going live and going a bit loopy scanning through the Icon selection pages, so I have created a visual lookup document in word with all the pages to make it easier to locate/choose an icon for the Service and know what selection page it is on. Hopefully this is useful to others as well. Cheers Martyn
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