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Found 15 results

  1. I want to delete all requests logged from January 2017 to January 2020 for a given set of services, regardless of status or type of request. Using guidance from the Clean Utility WIKI page, I have compiled the attached script. Please could you check if I have got the scripting correct for doing this? (i.e. sanity check The line I am unsure about is: KeepRequestsCancelBPTasks: false, Not sure what it does. If not needed, can I remove this line without upsetting anything? conf.json.txt
  2. Is there a way to delete a contact within Service Manager as we are finding some duplicates and would like to remove the 'contacts' from our system as these people already have 'basic user' accounts in our system.
  3. We have been updating some of our teams in the internal organisation structure which has included delete some teams which are no longer required. However where the deleted team was a subscriber of a service the service subscription is not removed and is orphaned. This results in blank team subscriptions showing against the service in the portfolio. Can the delete team process be updated to cascade it removal or require the team to be unsubscribed before being able to delete it. Cheers Martyn
  4. Timesheet Categories members not being removed when organisation objects are deleted, leaving blank lines in the members for both the parent category and the sub categories. Cheers Martyn
  5. Silly question time, if you have created a page in the Employee portal. How do you delete it once you are done with it? Can't seem to work it out, this page is a subpage e.g. /catalog/it/testing
  6. I am trying to restrict the deletion of attachments using a role, so as to limit it to a certain number of analysts. There does not appear to be an 'Application Right' to do this at the moment, but is this something that can be done by adjusting the 'Database Rights'? If so would there be any issues with doing the latter? Cheers Martyn
  7. Is it possible to search for emails and then select multiple ones to be deleted? We've had a play around and can't seem to work it out. We have a lot of Undelivered Mail emails every morning and would like to be able to search for them and get rid of them in one go, rather than scrolling through the inbox. Any advice appreciated,
  8. We have a problem with two of our folders in the email function of Service Manager. We setup an auto responder, but due to issues with what the system that was sending the alerts that we wanted to log, we've ended up with 377,000 emails in our Deleted and Sent Items folder. I can't empty the folders as it loses connection, but I can move the emails in batches of 500 to another folder and empty that folder. Is there any way to select larger batches of email or is it a case of opening a ticket to have it cleared?
  9. Me again! How do you delete a folder within your Mailbox we created some thinking that we would use them but we have decided against it and would now like to delete two folders August 2018 and Archive (see below) I can't find where in the mailbox or in the admin section where you actually delete a folder...
  10. Hi, Is there a way to delete all (or some) attachments of a request, without this being visible to the customer? Reason being, we have an old request where people have not followed best practice resulting in 467 documents attached! Only 10 of them are relevant. I would like to get rid of the other 457 in a quick way (e.g. not manual) and don't want to clutter the customer's timeline. Any ideas??
  11. Hi Is there a way of deleting buzz posts or activities once posted? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi eveybody, is there a way to delete a post (generally speaking) especially into a workspace? thank you
  13. Afternoon Guys, I am wondering if their is a way to remove posts that have been created in error? I cannot see a obvious way to do it? Please see example: Thanks Hayley.
  14. Is it possible to delete or edit posts? The preference would be the permission to edit/delete own posts only? Regards, Mike.
  15. Hello, We have an IMT group which contains no users, but whenever we try to delete it we get the following message: Can someone assist? Thanks, Samuel
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