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Email errors

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

Just an FYI really as it doesn't seem to impact functionality at all but when I mark an email as read or unread in the new mailbox view it get the attached errors.

The mails are still marked as read or unread just the error pops up.

Obviously anyone working in the mailbox could have a large number of pop ups should they have a number of emails to mark which would be annoying.

Other than that though it doesn't seem to do anything.





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Hi @Dan Munns,

The error in the log has nothing to do with the error you are getting in the client. The log error will be fixed in the next server update.

I'll log a defect for the error you are getting in the client. Can you just let me know where are are you getting the error? Are you pressing it in the Email review toolbar, is it when you select multiple messages or when you log a request for example?



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Hi @Daniel Dekel,

When I select the emails from the preview bar. It makes no difference if I select one or multiple. Happens only when I try and mark the emails as read or unread.

You say the errors are not related but when I get the client error a second later the log error appears. And if I have selected 4 emails in the client I get 4 errors in the log.

As I said in my first post it doesn't impact on functionality at all. The messages are still marked as I would expect. Just get the error also.


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