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Unable to save updated Assets

Paul Morrow

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I've not had time to investigate this, but I've had reports that in IE, Edge and Firefox (but not Chrome) it is only possible to update 1 field at a time.
Might be worth checking this and if this is true for you either trying to use Chrome or doing [Update item 1] - [Save] - [Update Item 2] - Save ... as a workaround.

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Hi @Paul Morrow

As well as providing us with the information that @ArmandoDM has suggested above, it would be great if you could replicate this issue once again, post the exact time at which you did this. We can have a look through the Error Logs at around that time, on your instance, to see if there is anything that gives any clue as to why this issue is occurring. 

Kind Regards

Bob Dickinson

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Guest Mark Simpkins

Was this resolved / occur again. I have just had someone who had been adding assets ok, just try to add a new one, and the Save button not respond in this way. He logged out and back in again, added a test entry and it worked fine.

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