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Expand on Asset template functionality


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Hi all,

We are currently using Hornbill as our Asset Management system for both internal and external customers. As a telecom company you can imagine we sell (and thus have to register) a lot of phones and other equipment. This mostly entails selecting the appropriate template and filling in all required fields. (asset tag, customer, date purchased, date delivered, etc)

Would it be possible to further expand on the template functionality within Asset Manager so that when we select one type of phone all the repeating standard fields were already filled in? Think of model name and number, purchased from, and even purchase price, pruchased from, purchased on and received on dates if we would change the template for that batch .
This would save us countless hours of typing the same thing over and over again.

Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? How are you dealing with this?




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On the Supportworks system I created a web page with the required fields for entering assets, and used javascript to populate generated fields (e.g. hostname from asset number) and create a new row with pre-populated fields (e.g. increment the asset ID by one; static data like supplier & asset type copied etc.) to minimise typing. It also had limited validation in place.

On submitting the form it used the API to add the data.

I don't see a reason why that technique shouldn't work using the Service Manager API.

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