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Paul Morrow

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Hi @Paul Morrow,

Just to add on to Steve's response...

The ability to view all your requests in place (i.e. All My Requests tab) was introduced in Service Manager 2.33, which has been available since yesterday (10/10/2016). Shortly prior to writing this post, I checked and I can confirm that this tab is visible for me based on the following criteria.

All My Requests will be present in the Service Portal, if the following setting is enabled.

  •  guest.servicemanager.customer.home.showAllRequests

All My Requests will be present in the Customer Portal, if the following setting is enabled.

  • guest.servicemanager.portal.home.showAllRequests

In addition, the following will be respected.

  • Only display the requests that have been assigned directly to the logged in User and those that you have the appropriate rights to view.
  • If a Service is not visible to the logged in User through Services Subscription, the associated requests for that service should not be present.
  • If a request is not associated to a Service, the request should be visible in the list.



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Hi @Paul Morrow

Thanks for the confirmation and screen shots. 

Just to confirm, you get results in the Closed and Awaiting Feedback filter options, but not in the Active filter on the requests view?

1. Is this the same for other users?

2. Can you confirm that you (or the user you are using above) have requests where you are the Customer not the Owner which are either open or resolved which should appear in your Customer based Active filter view on self service?



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Same for all users. Tested with other browsers just to make sure it isn't an EI11 screw up.

If I enable feedback I get the feedback option, it displays tickets awaiting feedback.

If I select the closed filter it displays the closed ticket.

If I select the active filter I get nothing.

These are ticket which should appear to the customer and to which they are not also the owner.




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Sorry @Paul Morrow

Just for completeness, on the individual Services, do you see the Request tab at all? or is it the same as the All My Requests where you can see Closed, and Awaiting Feedback, but not Active?  

As you can see from the screenshot below, this all seems to be working as expected on a number of different instances, which we are trying to recreate your issue on running the latest build.  

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 08.56.36.png



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This turns out slightly more odd than I first thought.

It looks like I have a permissions issue. The services available in the portal are not available to me or other users unless I explicitly subscribe them to it.

If I subscribe an organisation of which they are an assigned user, the portal options are not visible to them.

I've tested on my own account, adding myself in the subscriber explicitly and bingo, active tickets are visible including the requests tab.

Tested with other user an also notice that unless explicitly subscribed they will also not get the service visible in the portal.

Never needed to do this before...

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