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Enhancements proposal for request list and boards


Enhancements proposal for request list and boards  

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  1. 1. Would you be interest by my proposed enhancements to boards and request list screen?

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Hi all,

In another post, I asked Hornbill if it was possible to enhance the "request list" and boards. I have had very positive response from Hornbill but they need more people to back this change. Could you please answer / vote in the pole if you agree with the proposed change? If you don't I would be curious to know how you manage high volumes of requests...

Original post:


In my organisation we currently have 730+ opened requests split across 4 managers. Some teams have 100+ active requests in their lists.

With Hornbill:

- A manager (me for instance) would like to use boards to understand very quickly what is happening. However, I cannot filter on a particular service or team easily

- An analyst (my team and myself for example) need to go into every single request to see where in the process it is at.

What you guys have done for activities is, for me, the perfect compromise / mix of both worlds as you can filter super quickly, have views, toggle types, etc.

new activities.png

I understand this particular board here is hardcoded / static so it is easy for you to code such interface.

I guess the ideal screens would be:

- For boards to have views, request type filters and keyword textbox filter available / something like that:


- For request list to pull out from the associated BPM the name of the current stage and make it available in the fields to display / something like that:



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I like the idea of filters within boards, I would also like to see some Kanban style features added, like:

  • Swimlanes
  • Legend
  • Tagging
  • Change the colour of requests
  • The option to minimise/maximise lists
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