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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, I have been asked to look into the concept of highlighting tickets logged by VIP staff. Is it possible (sure it is) 1. Add a custom filed to flag a user as a VIP 2. Create a board so that this can display all tickets logged by these VIP and then have certain lanes to see if this ticket is relevant status (in progress , resolved, Within SLA etc - this is still to be decided) Any other suggestions would eb appriciated? Thanks Dave
  2. Hello, I am trying to create a report that runs on a daily basis, for changes that were authorised during that day up until 16:15. I would then set the report to auto run at 16:20 each day uploaded via document manager. Our change process is very mature, so standard and Normal with an impact of minor - do not require CAB approval. As there are different processes different changes follow I wish to create reports that are as efficient as possible. I have looked at the change requests table, and there doesn't seem to be any option in there for the word authorised. After having a bit more of a think, All changes that get approved, go onto our Change Management Board, and all changes regardless of process end up in the board lane called Awaiting Change Implementation. I thought it could get away with inner joining the requests table and use the date modified feature, however that way does produce some anomalies. As any change modified in that lane will appear in the report, but that might simply be a member of staff adding an update to the request. Is there a way as I haven't been able anything in the Board Lanes table that records the time a request has moved into the lane called Awaiting Change Implementation? Looking at the time line of the ticket is seems to record the fact that the request has moved into the lane in the Change Management Board, but there seems to be no obvious way that I can find that I can use dates/ times a Change Request has moved lanes. As always any help would be gratefully appreciated Many Thanks. Adam
  3. Not sure if this has been flagged but the delete bin icon is now hidden by the picture of the analyst in the boards.
  4. Hi, Could we have the option to create tasks as cards from the 'Add new' button. At the moment I am creating tasks and then having to add them to the boards. This would be much quicker with tasks as an option.
  5. Hi, We have created a board to see which requests will breach within the 72 hours (3 days) before the Service Level Agreement. Our SLA’s vary from 15 days for low priority and 5 days for medium priority jobs. As of yet, no requests are showing on the board. However to test the board, I changed the parameters and added one of our higher SLA’s. Higher SLA’s have to be resolved within 18 hours and I changed the board to show jobs that were due to breach high SLA within the next 17 hours 55 minutes. This worked and jobs were showing on the board when about to breach. When changing the board back to 72 hours, again nothing shows. All this can mean is that no jobs are about to breach SLA within the next 72 hours. However we run monthly reports and multiple jobs do breach their SLA, so I am slightly confused. Could someone advise if I am missing something please?
  6. Morning all, Is there a way to run a report based on the board status of a change? We have a change board in service manager and wold like to run a report showing us what list on the board they are on: I'm sure there will be a feature but i'm not sure how to go about it? Many thanks Hayley.
  7. Is there a way so that when you change the sub-status of a request it can move the request on a board to a different lane?
  8. Sorry that we have so many questions! As a passing thought, it would be nice to have a board style view of My Dashboards so that you can group some charts together into similar sections. Further to this, to enable sharing of this board would increase the functionality massively.
  9. Does anyone know if there is a way to report on what list on a board a call is sitting on? We have different lists for different stages of the change process such as: "Pending review and authorisation" "More information Required" I would like to incude this on a report i run for our change manager so they know what is holding the change up? What table/Column is this if at all? Hayley.
  10. Hi All, I'd really like to use boards to manage requests that are breaching SLA or about to breach SLA for our service desk team. I cannot find any way of limiting what the board displays, so for example if i do an "add to board" node in our service request process, every SR is added regardless of which team owns it. It would really improve the use of the board for me if i could limit the view to be just requests sitting within specific teams. Is there any way to do this? Thanks JAmes
  11. Do you need to have the "My Boards" role to be able to add a request to a board through a business process. After today's update I am getting error messages despite requests being successfully added to board.
  12. Can I suggest a slight (imo) improvement to the Boards actions? Currently we are using the boards to indicate to our Facilities teams where a call sits. We have one board per site, and lists for the various teams on each site. To move a request onto the correct site currently takes 3 decision nodes (see attached) which isn't onerous in itself, but this process has to be repeated every time we have to move from one list to another. Can I suggest that either the "Automatically pick up the value" option for Board Name defaults to 'the board it's already on' or there is an extra option of 'Current Board' or similar so that we can slide across boards without endlessly repeating code?
  13. I've created a number of boards that requests are automatically added to and removed from by the BPM. This is working really well, apart from when calls are cancelled, in which case they remain on the last board they'd been attached to. This isn't a major issue, as they colour themselves red, and can be deleted (only by the board creator, as they're automated!) apart from when the existing owner has no image assigned. In this case the placeholder is a large, round letter which covers the delete icon and prevents removal of the request from the board. Any way around this (apart from assigning an image?)
  14. Hello, When a ticket goes to the SLA breach board and then is closed it remains on the section of the board it lastly it was moved to. Is there something I am missing in the workflow to remove on closure? G
  15. Hi all, In another post, I asked Hornbill if it was possible to enhance the "request list" and boards. I have had very positive response from Hornbill but they need more people to back this change. Could you please answer / vote in the pole if you agree with the proposed change? If you don't I would be curious to know how you manage high volumes of requests... Original post: Summary: In my organisation we currently have 730+ opened requests split across 4 managers. Some teams have 100+ active requests in their lists. With Hornbill: - A manager (me for instance) would like to use boards to understand very quickly what is happening. However, I cannot filter on a particular service or team easily - An analyst (my team and myself for example) need to go into every single request to see where in the process it is at. What you guys have done for activities is, for me, the perfect compromise / mix of both worlds as you can filter super quickly, have views, toggle types, etc. I understand this particular board here is hardcoded / static so it is easy for you to code such interface. I guess the ideal screens would be: - For boards to have views, request type filters and keyword textbox filter available / something like that: - For request list to pull out from the associated BPM the name of the current stage and make it available in the fields to display / something like that:
  16. At the moment in the SLA Escalation accounts you can trigger an action to add to a board, however this is hard coded to the SLA itself. We use a common set of SLA's across our many services, however we would want to trigger the action to add the request to a service specific board rather than a global one. Would it be possible to have a 'default board' setting in the service definition so that you can select an automatic option in the SLA escalation action to assign to the service specific board. This could also be extended to the BPM node so you can use a generic process and assign it to the service specific board as well. Cheers Martyn
  17. Is it currently possible or are they any plans to have the lists within a board to be dynamic, i.e. the content of the list is determined by a view criteria, much like the options within the My Activities Board, rather than being placed in a list by the BPM or manually? Cheers Martyn
  18. We've created a board and assigned a team to have access. Although the members are part of the team, they are unable to see the Boards menu to even be able to create their own boards. What role permission is required to view boards?
  19. I would like the ability to assign a board to a group of people other than a team. Reason for this currently a boards can only be assigned to teams however only our management looks at this and I don't want them to be a selectable entity to assign tickets So some separation would be nice Forum Admin Edit: The functionality was provided in one of the earlier Service Manager builds. This thread is now locked.
  20. Hi I have two boards, one is first line team (ServiceDesk) and new calls raised show in this board OK and in the correct board list. When I assign the call to a new team secondline I want the call to appear on the teams own board. Is it possible to move between boards? If so do you have to remove requests from one board before adding to another board? Regards Chris
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