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Show analysts online status

Ralf Peters

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Hi Ralf,

Thanks for your post.  At the moment the on-line status is used only in a couple of  places within the main client such as the workspace members.  There is also the user availability setting which allows a user to set if they are on holiday or out of office from their profile.

We will be looking to make more use of these two options in the future.  The user availability is already used as part of the automated assignments in the BPM workflows where it will not assign to a user that is not set to Available. This status can be seen from the user's profile and the profile popup which is displayed when you hover your mouse over a user's profile picture.

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This is a great suggestion, I would like to see the analyst status when assigning a call via the Progressive Capture so for example when you select the name you get Skype type status alert.

It will help ensure the call gets assigned correctly and also gives confidence that the analyst is online and will see the call.

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Another follow on suggestion.

If a user is set to on leave/unavailable, then a prompt is displayed when you try to assign them a request. This will stop calls breaching when users are not in the office,

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