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  1. @Chaz @Martyn Houghton Hi, just disregard this , just found the "Never Skip" option on the form, helps to read the Wiki !!
  2. Hi @Martyn Houghton , i know this is a VERY old posting , but do you still have the issue with non mandatory fields skipping in the PC if raised from the Service Request Screen by an Analyst , for us it only works for a customer through the customer portal ??!! Thanks Ralf
  3. Hi @Chaz has this ever been fixed , it still seesm to happen , capture seems to work if enterred by customer through service portal , but if raised by Analyst in the Live portal it still seems to skip through all the question in the PC . Cheers; Ralf
  4. Thanks @Pamela it was just a simple drag and drop in the end
  5. @chrisnutt if it helps , after some advice from Hornbill Support we sorted this by moving the Work Phone details from the Contact details to the Job details section , and it is just a simple drag and drop of the field in the design view of the profile form .
  6. This has been sorted by moving the Work Phone details from the Contact details to the Job details section , drag and drop in the design view .
  7. @Victor our Progressive captures have got Date fields and some have custom fields ( some to enter phone numbers , with regex validation ^([0-9]{11})$ ) date field was not accepting any date as valid selected from the calendar , custom field was not accepting any input as valid , <previous> button unresponsive , only option working was to <cancel>, tried raising request again same issue , log off , log on , try again and input was accepted , browser chrome . Happened at least 3 time yesterday on different Progressive captures .
  8. Hi @Victor would the issue you are aware of also have an impact on other area of the ProgCapts , we had issues yesterday where randomly custom number fields and date fields would not accept any value and lock up the session , the only way to get around it was to log out of hornbill and re-connect then try again .... Thanks Ralf
  9. Hi @Steven Boardman , a little late reply . If the connections are empty will the request fail or just skip it ? Thanks Ralf
  10. Hi @Victor , strange , just check a number of our BPMs all have the action focus set to Auto in Automated Task - Entity-Requests-Suspend-wait for request resolution , all were focusing on the resolution window until yesterday afternoon. if i hover over the info icon of "Action Focus" is says that the default if unspecified is the resolve action ......
  11. Hi @Victor , we are noticing a change in our BPMs since yesterday's issues , in particular , the automated task "waiting for request resolution" , the action focus does not go to the resolution window anymore if left on auto ? Just wanted to check if that is a new "feature" before i go and change them to manual and resolve . Thanks Ralf
  12. ours is gone again too ! unable to assign coult not connect to server error code -1
  13. doesn't work for 10 minutes, finally got around to post on forum and website becomes responsive again .
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