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  1. Adding Multiple Customers to a call

    Hi @Steven Boardman , a little late reply . If the connections are empty will the request fail or just skip it ? Thanks Ralf
  2. Hi @Victor , strange , just check a number of our BPMs all have the action focus set to Auto in Automated Task - Entity-Requests-Suspend-wait for request resolution , all were focusing on the resolution window until yesterday afternoon. if i hover over the info icon of "Action Focus" is says that the default if unspecified is the resolve action ......
  3. Hi @Victor , we are noticing a change in our BPMs since yesterday's issues , in particular , the automated task "waiting for request resolution" , the action focus does not go to the resolution window anymore if left on auto ? Just wanted to check if that is a new "feature" before i go and change them to manual and resolve . Thanks Ralf
  4. ours is gone again too ! unable to assign coult not connect to server error code -1
  5. thanks @Victor seems to be good again
  6. doesn't work for 10 minutes, finally got around to post on forum and website becomes responsive again .
  7. Hi, getting cannot connect to server messages
  8. Schedule Calls to log automatically?

    My understanding of start /due dates are that they refer to in relevance to the scheduled date , it's days hours minutes after the scheduled date , i put my start date to 0 and my due to 1 hour , so when the task is created the assigned user knows by when he has to complete it ..... i might be wrong ...
  9. Email Notification not clearing

    Hi @James Ainsworth , looks like the "feature" is back today .
  10. Views - not producing expected results

    @Catherine have you included your services in the view ( add another condition ) ?
  11. Email Notification not clearing

    @James Ainsworth the problem is/was we raise a ticket from an email , ticket gets logged, the email gets deleted ( moved to deleted folder , can't remember if that was a system setting that does that ) , but the inbox counter counter still shows it has messages when there are none . happened off and on for the last 2 days , but not so far this morning .
  12. Email Notification not clearing

    Hi, i think it started yesterday , the email notification ( number of new emails indicator) on the top bar as well as the counter against the mailbox folder do not clear anymore after raising tickets from email . Thanks Ralf
  13. Invalid session errors

    @Pamela all fine , issues have not come back, also updated to the latest version last night !
  14. Invalid session errors

    @Pamela just in case you are still investigating ; haven't seen the issue today . Thanks Ralf
  15. Invalid session errors

    Hi, we seem to get a few of "Unable to query results --Invalid session" when the request list tries to reload , we also getting random error when loggin tickets " cannot find user " , then when you cancel and log the ticket again it will go through fine , we also had a few flow control errors and when restarting the process the came good again too . @Pamela these are the issues on of our guys emailed in on Friday . Thanks Ralf