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Associate a business process to requests


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I have configured the above progressive captures so that Analysts can use them in the collaboration suite (to suit our needs) but I'm not sure how to assign or modify a Business Process to go with it. Can you please advise how I do this please.

Many thanks


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Hi Tina,

Thanks for your post. I would recommend using Services to work with your Business Process Workflow. This will give you greater flexibility as you can have different Business Process Workflows for each Service. If you then include the Service form in Progressive Capture, the Business Process Workflow associated to a selected Service will be applied. For more information you can read about Business Processes on the Services Wiki page.

1.) Setup a Service

2.) On the Service form under Request Configuration select the Business Process Workflow that you want to use for each request type

3.) In your Progressive Capture add the Service Form which will allow a support person to select the service for which the request belongs to

If you are not using Services you can configure a single Business Process Workflows for each request type. These are defined in the Application Settings for Service Manager. You will not need to add anything to Progressive Capture to use these. These will be used automatically if the Business Process has not been applied by a Service.

1.) Open Administration (admin.hornbill.com/<instancename>/)

2.) Select "Service Manager" from the application selector in the top left

3.) In the left hand menu select "Settings" and then "Application"

4.) Locate the settings listed below.

5.) You can change these settings to use your newly created Business Processes.






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