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Request List Display & Export Columns

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Hi all, 


Any chance of getting some portfolio categories available as request list & export columns?

I'd take 'type' and 'category' but would really like 'domain' and 'domain category' too ... 

This would make filtering much easier where we have many services we're about to group together under overarching categories.




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The Request List view only shows columns from the Requests table.

Unfortunately if the field you require is not in that table, it will not be available to display in the View, or filter the View by.

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Hmmm - I'd be interested in how others manage this [maybe I should have searched the forum first before posting huh ...]

With many services sitting under a particular domain, 'service' becomes too granular - this doesn't just affect the request view but also the change calendar - and measures taken to group these together in the Portfolio become less useful.

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For a different reason we write the Service Domain to a custom field, and in your scenario could then be added to the Request List View (just be careful which CF you pick as the ones in the Extended table are not available):

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