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Email Issues with new UI

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We have had ongoing issues with the new UI and I don't yet see any updates or fixes.

The main issue is when replying to a message you cant see the email trail, the only time you can see the trail is when you forward the message and you have to manually copy in all the email addresses again. This has become massively time consuming and i thought there would have been a fix by now?

We are also noticing that when you are applying an email to a request in some cases that you cant see the most recent update that you are applying but will be able to see the rest of the email trail.

Not having the relevant email in the log trail makes it extremely difficult to follow so hoping this is something that is fixed ASAP.

Any support is appreciated.

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@Euan Coleman @Andrew Tasker

Have spoken to the team looking after email, regarding not being able to see the previous email content.. can you go into Hornbill Admin -> Platform Configuration -> Core Settings and check if you have the following setting turned on


This should enable a button underneath the text area to see the previous content as per the screenshot.

Regarding the apply to email issue this has been tested as working in the next update of Hornbill Core UI which is due to be pushed out later this week.

Kind regards 


Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 10.51.58.png

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