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IC Data Providers for Basic Users - Road Closed Ahead

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As part of our Enterprise Service Management work to automate processes and get our internal customers to log requests via the Employee Portal we have Intelligent Capture (IC) that use Data Providers to capture information such as external Organisation lookup.

However due to a current system restriction these are blocked and do not return any data for Basic Users.

This means we cannot validate and trust the values entered into fields and then pass into workflow automation.

Can we raise an enhancement request for allowing Basic User access to the Data Providers.



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@Martyn Houghton

The problem is, basic user accounts are by design, very restricted accounts, and changing the security model around that is complicated, both technically and in alignment with our subscription model - which its self is deeply embedded throughout the code.  Basically, if a basic user account cannot do something, thats because its intentionally made that way.  In particular, the writings here...


So the question is, what are you trying to achieve specifically, and does that use case fall within the spirit witin which our subscription model is defined.  Before doing any development work he I would need us to get clarity on what is required specifically, you mentioned "Data Providers" generally, but then yo mentioned a specific use case which is for a Basic User to be able to look up an Organisation.   As I mentioned, the current restriction is purposeful because we never envisaged any need for a basic user to be able to browse/see/select from the external organisations database as a basic user would not be doing any part of a workflow that would involve them "participating in the process of providing service".  

I am not saying there is not a valid use case, but I am asking the before we consider a change like this I would like to first understand the use case for it. 


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