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Intelligent capture Asset node missing certain classes from drop down.

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I am wondering if anyone can confirm the following, I am not sure if this may be a bug in the system or I am missing something?

I have added a Asset Node in my Intelligent capture and the only Asset Class options are as below.



However I can see there are all these other classes now and I want to filter the Asset class so only System Class will be visible when a user logs a call.



When logging a call when I leave the Asset Class blank I can see 9 different Classes as shown below. Any missing dont have assets associated with them. However the System class does as it shows up here. 



Why do a number of these asset classes not show in the drop down list in the Asset node when configuring the Intelligent capture form?

I want to be able to only make the "System" class available for users to search and add assets from not the whole Asset DB.


Any ideas if this is a bug or i am doing something wrong?




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Hi Lee,

I can see the same in our IC's where we do not yet have the Systems or Data Processing Record asset types to select from in the drop down list. I know these 2 asset types were added last year mainly due to a push from us here at MSE to store System data as an asset value rather than using a simple list so I would presume these are still waiting to be added to the IC drop down options. Will have to let someone from Hornbill confirm my presumption here.

Many thanks


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