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Urgent License Issue


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License issue.

This looks like more of a potential Admin rather than technical issue, but we've noticed that while our license count is at 447 the number shown in usage is lower, looks like this is preventing users from signing in.

I've sent an email to customer.success but it's a bit extra time sensitive as we're trying to get a new department trained this morning!
As such if anyone in Hornbill could nudge the team, it would most appreciated.

Note: happy for this to be deleted if appropriate.

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Hi @davidrb84

Success will be in touch with you shortly, but there is no issue with your licenses here.

The License Count you refer to is for Platform Users, i.e. the number of Full Users you can assign, and not Application (in this case Service Manager) Licenses which allow you to assign Roles for the specific Application.

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8 minutes ago, Jeremy said:

it seems that they are not all being removed from this list

You can check the box adjacent to their names and click the Delete image.png button.
You may also need to ensure that no Application Roles are being applied to the account, whether manually or by imports etc.

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