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Lock in/Save values set against Human Task Custom Fields


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Good afternoon,

Please can we request the ability to lock in/save values set against Human Tasks so then when a user comes back to the Task later, the value they set will still be there.

For checklists this is great as you can tick where you get up to and come back another time or day and finish off what you were doing, but if you have lots of custom fields and may not have all the information on hand, it can be quite troublesome as you would have to supply all the information in one go at the end.

I've had to keep things simple for the time being until it becomes possible to have values stored... so this what we have at the moment as an example:


^^ The creation of the Active Directory account comes before doing all the checklist items from no. 2 onwards, and what the Team needs to do is to be able to copy and paste from AD into fields (yes, I know, we don't have ITOM... yet maybe). Then they may do a few of the checklist items, then move on to another ticket (they do the same steps one after another). 

But because we cannot save the values in the fields, as when navigating away from the tasks, the checklist items that are checked remains, but the fields are cleared each time, so the users need to add the AD information at the end of this process, which takes up more time, especially if some days have passed before carrying out one or more checklist items.

Please can this be considered as it would help a great deal when it comes to these tasks and would then allow me to add more fields to be captured (and if we get ITOM one day, this information should feed in nicely).



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@samwoo +1

There are the suggestions for the checklists I endorse:

  1. Retaining checklist ticks in the boxes as you suggest
  2. Having the checklist dependency only enforced for certain Outcomes. For example:
    1. If I select and option to "proceed" I want the checklist mandated
    2. But if my option is "reject" then I don't need to check the boxes so I don't want them mandated

In relation your issue, there is a workaround: you can create a separate additional Human Task node for the AD set-up to appear before the one you have shown to get that out of the way?

The types of tasks you have above, for us, are separate Human Tasks, appearing in a parallel BPM group so the team can pick them off one by one (and the first is the AD account creation):


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Hi @Berto2002,

Thanks for voting up the idea.

In terms of your work around, I did have it set up that way at first last year, but there were way too many tasks (in addition to these ones) and the fact we cannot manually set the order of the display of tasks meant things were appearing in confusing orders, this is after I had been setting the priorities between the highest to the lowest, some things have to flow and it wasn't viable, so I put everything into a checklist instead which actually makes more sense.



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Presumably you knew that the Human Tasks in a parallel processing group like above appear on the screen in the order in which they are connected to the "start parallel processing" green bar? So to re-order, just break all the outbound connections from the green bar and reconnect in the order you want...

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12 minutes ago, Berto2002 said:

the Human Tasks in a parallel processing group like above appear on the screen in the order in which they are connected to the "start parallel processing" green bar

That is the most likely order, but it is not something you can rely on.

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