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Custom buttons be global

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

Can we have custom buttons be global rather than per ticket type? I have some buttons that are set up like 'IF Team Name = IT Service Desk' but I have to set these up per type rather than they just show on all tickets.

Even if I set up rules in groups like (IF Team Name = IT Service Desk AND RequestID CONTAINS IN) OR (IF Team Name = IT Service Desk AND RequestID CONTAINS SR) it doesnt work (although both rules work separately on their specific ticket types)

If we just had a single place to create custom buttons (or no matter where we configured them if just showed them all) it would make life a little easier.

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+1 to be able to define custom buttons globally as well as by request type. 

Since there is no central location to managing custom buttons I have lost sight of where I have applied what to where and often come across what I've missed much later on. 

Having global buttons, I can be reassured that where I currently have replicated the same buttons per request type (ie. To open the request bpm instance or navigate to the Hornbill account of the customer of the ticket), now managed as a single entity and they work exactly the same across Service Manager (where defined) with no variations. 

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23 hours ago, Dan Munns said:

Can we have custom buttons be global rather than per ticket type?

I think there's a great deal of clarification needed on your requirements here.

"Global" would mean that they appear on Tasks, Emails, Projects, Assets - I think it's safe to say that the same button would never be appropriate across all of these areas.

Even having the same button on, for example, an Incident and a KE would have an extremely limited use case, and in the vast majority of situations could only possibly cause problems.

These things are often technically possible but there are usually compelling reasons as to why they're restricted, so it takes a detailed explanation and a strong business case to look at making changes.

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Hi @Steve Giller

I was personally thinking of something like this screenshot below maybe? (excuse the formatting of the second row, this was just a quick copy and paste)

Click All to set it as global for all request types, or select specific request types if required (multi-select)

In the custom button list we should then be able to see all global (or "All") buttons (with an indicator or column showing that its global) and any buttons defined against that request type.

Just my thought really.



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@Dan MunnsThis is really a discussion for the developers to have, however the above still wouldn't work - if you design a "Global" custom button for Incidents how can you be sure that it would apply to all Incidents?
Would Facilities want to see it, or Human Resources or Payroll?
Even within a Service it might well be appropriate for most but not all CIs
Already we've narrowed the scope from "Global" to "Per Request Type" so it's not really a straightforward or even clearly defined suggestion at this stage.

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@Steve Giller it isn't really going to show on all incidents or all service requests as you can still add the rules to show the button (as per the mockup by @samwoo). At the moment if I add a rule to show the button if the request type is IN or SR it will still only show on the request type I made it on.

Maybe 'Global' is incorrect from a dev standpoint. In my head 'Global' meant any type of request (since that is where the buttons are). Basically I want to be able to show whatever buttons I make on whatever request types I want, based on the rules I create. 

So a rule of 'Show Button If: Team_name = 'IT Sevice Desk'' and no other rules would show the button on all requests types where the assigned team is IT Service Desk, not just on the request type I created the button on (assuming this was implemented as per @samwoo mockup and I selected 'All Request Types').

If a button is truly global across all ticket type for all teams then a button with no rules in place and 'All Requests' would accomplish that as well.

So I suppose "Allow custom buttons to be added to multiple request types at the same time by adding a visibility option to the custom button editor (in conjunction with the current rules) and show all created buttons in a list somewhere (maybe admin portal)" would be the best defined requirement I can come up with for you.  

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