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No email notification to Owner when Request updated by an Agent

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This may be rarer than I think and I can't see any Forum Topic on this subject. But that does surprise me.

We have a Request which was raised by an Agent (hence he is also the customer). The Request was then assigned to an owner - who received an email notification so all good so far. The agent/customer then updated the Request (via the usual Timeline Update option within the backend) but the Owner did not receive any email notification.

The Owner's Notification settings are switched on for Email Update and Portal Update via email. However I have no noticed that there is no setting for Agent Update. Our testing indicates that no email notification is sent in that scenario. I am presuming that if the agent/customer added an update in the portal then it would kick off a mail notification (we have not tested that in this situation)- however our agents don't want keep flipping to the portal to enter updates for Requests where they are also the Customer.

Is this expected behaviour or is there some setting/config we need to change? If it is expected then it is a bit awkward for the owner who doesn't get notified (surely it shouldn't matter if the update was done via the portal or in the backend).

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