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  1. It would also be helpful to us to enable our customers to escalate a request so that it can possibly alert more people than just the owner in case they aren't available, it will also help reduce the customer ringing us to escalate requests as well
  2. We have a scenario where we would like to send a template email addressed to multiple people but as a BCC only, we don't want to have anyone in the To email address box because it's not logged as an actual customer but a non customer based user with an invalid email address so we can log our work on there and to evidence that we have sent an email to people so others can see that this has happened. I tried to do this but the "send" button was greyed out. Is it possible to do this.
  3. we had this similar issue and we had to enable our users to have access to the specific inbox that the system uses to send this particular notification (it works differently to the email update notifications), we then gave access to this inbox to our users (it does show in the drop down box in the email action button, we have raised this to be removed by Hornbill, we had to set the default inbox for each service so Hornbill doesn't automatically use this to send standard emails from the system) but we now get an email telling us when a request is assigned to us. The role needs to b
  4. Is there a way to set the ordering on a view, the standard and custom built roles so that we don't have to keep re-applying it everyday or each time we look at a different one. We would like to say group by priority so that the highest priority is at the top and then sort by date created but we can only do either and sometimes it disappears when we log off or look at a different.
  5. We were wondering if you could create a custom button in the portal where a customer can "escalate" a request and it notifies us that they have done this so we can ring them to discuss further
  6. I have people reporting that the sub statuses aren't working, some have the "Pause" "Resume" options whereas I have the correct names for the statuses
  7. Is this status not something we can hide as we don't use this at all in our processes we have requests assigned to a team only, not to individual agents and it's causing us confusion as it's now appeared without warning.
  8. We would like the ability to remove/hide this, we have a telephone system with a status and Microsoft Teams with a status, we don't really want a 3rd status to update when we get up from our desks, it also has put people as Available who are offline so it's not accurate and shouldn't have to update it for people who forget. Also we weren't notified that this was going to happen.
  9. If you deleted the team, what would happen to the historical data in terms of the reporting, we would still like to be able to have them visible in the reporting?
  10. When we navigate to the email action button, sometimes the font size is different when we start typing text to an email template because it is different to the font size in the email template, is there a way to change the default font size without changing the font size on the email templates as we have quite a few templates in use.
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