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  1. We are trying to use an API where it picks up a specific Hornbill request, does xyz outside of Hornbill and then sends an email to the customer informing them of something. Does anyone know or can help understand how to send an email to a customer via an API. We have added text to the resolution box and resolved a request but this is sending a specific email, not resolving a request. Any guidance is appreciated
  2. Do we need to refresh as when I view the templates in the drop down on a request, it is still showing the name rather than the ID that it did previously?
  3. tT looks like the template ID was used previously and now it's the template name so a lot of ours on the requests are showing as Log Request rather than the ID which is what we had as a name as this is what showed in the request drop down options
  4. You could also add an update to the timeline when the autotask is used and then run a report on the requests that have that update to the timeline
  5. If the updates are on the timeline, you maybe able to use the table - h_buz_activities to narrow down your search parameters, you will need to use a SQL Scheme Designer report option. IF you want certain fields, you may have to link the table to other tables but the majority of what you may need is in this table. I joined the table with the Requests table You may be able to do other methods but this is what I used to narrow down who was assigning requests to a certain team.
  6. Can the priority be set if the answer is a date and I want the priority to be based on this. For example, Question - When do you like the work to be completed by? Answer - Enter Date If the date is the current month = set the priority to Major etc
  7. It would be nice that you could set the ordering on your views, whether it's the standard views from Hornbill or the custom views that someone has created. We sort by priority but sometimes the sorting gets removed when clearing cache or changing certain things and we have to put the ordering back on that view. It would be nice to not have to do this and it's there for everyone who uses that custom view or for the user if it's the standard views
  8. Do previously stuck on holds have to be actioned manually or can something be done to go back and refresh the step?
  9. It seems that any that were stuck yesterday can now be manually taken off hold and those that should open today have so far opened on time
  10. We have requests that were due to open today between 6am and now and they haven't opened as planned, when you try to open these manually, you get an error message so cannot even do this manually. It seems to be only since the update today
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