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Enhancement Request: Make Bulletins Available During Ticket Logging

Alistair Young

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Hi all, 

The nature of the business means our SD analysts need to be mindful of current events when raising tickets as this can impact criticality. We keep a separate calendar but because of the spread of events (across entertainment, sport, politics...) these can often get missed. 

It would be brilliant if bulletins in the Service Portfolio could be configured for Service Portal, Service Manager interface or both - that way we'd be able to move the events calendar into Service Manager and use the start/end dates to display bulletin banners. 

If I've missed some existing functionality please let me know! - otherwise making bulletins available whilst call logging or displaying them somewhere after a ticket has been raised would solve all kinds of problems for us!




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Hi @Alistair Young

Thanks for your post.  The Bulletins were designed for the service desk to provide messages out to the users when they first visit the employee portal.  This can be either on the landing page of the employee portal or within a service details.

Where do you envision the SD analysts going to in order to see these bulletins?  As SD Analysts are also Employees, it may be reasonable to create a domain or page for them that shows the bulletins.  However, as you say, because of the spread of events, they may get missed here too if they are not looking at the page or not getting notification of new events.

It's difficult to say if there is something else that may help.  We have the activities view, workspaces, notifications, employee portal widgets, and loads of integration options, but it may be tough to recommend something without knowing the details of what outcome you are looking for.


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