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How to give access to view archived user requests

Sam P

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As an admin I can see the "archived" user filter after searching for a co-worker in Service Manager, however analysts can't see this so don't have a way of looking at requests logged by someone who has left.

Is there a setting or permission I can change to allow the analysts to see archived users?


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 i'd like this ability please; i have a service analyst role


outcome required: to not see issues caused by creating duplicate active directory sam account usernames

problem: if you create a new worker account in azure that syncs with AD and subsequently name the sam account username to be our corporate standard... if you choose a username that matches one in hornbill that's been archived/disabled after inactivity in AD and deactivated/deleted, it will cause issues of not being able to log calls against them in service manager, and stops them from raising tickets for any section of the business via self-service

over-work: we have to rename the ad account to a unique name, and then rebuild their local profile - but having to liaise personally with them for using their new login etc

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1 hour ago, Philip Hanlon said:

we get our LDAP to archive leavers  so we require this feature also for our analysts, particularly for asset management. 

It would definitely help with dealing with the final 'clean up' operations for those who have recently left. Once someone has been gone for a while then it doesn't matter so much that they no longer appear in the UI for analysts.

Unfortunately the LDAP is only really good at performing a one time move from Active to Suspended/Archived, when they are moved to a Leavers OU. There is no way to detect when a user no longer exists in AD and perform an action. As otherwise, we could suspend while they are in the Leaver OU and then archive once deleted.

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+1 We need certain Users to be able to view Archived Users, but the Service Desk Admin role gives too much access. Please could we have a simpler way of giving this access.

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