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How to give access to view archived user requests

Sam P

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As an admin I can see the "archived" user filter after searching for a co-worker in Service Manager, however analysts can't see this so don't have a way of looking at requests logged by someone who has left.

Is there a setting or permission I can change to allow the analysts to see archived users?


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 i'd like this ability please; i have a service analyst role


outcome required: to not see issues caused by creating duplicate active directory sam account usernames

problem: if you create a new worker account in azure that syncs with AD and subsequently name the sam account username to be our corporate standard... if you choose a username that matches one in hornbill that's been archived/disabled after inactivity in AD and deactivated/deleted, it will cause issues of not being able to log calls against them in service manager, and stops them from raising tickets for any section of the business via self-service

over-work: we have to rename the ad account to a unique name, and then rebuild their local profile - but having to liaise personally with them for using their new login etc

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