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Remove asset 'owned by' in the BPM

Paul Alexander

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We've just started using the asset update options in the BPM, which is saving us a TON of time thank you.

However, as part of our leavers process we'd like to be able to get the assets used by a particular user, and remove the 'owned by' and 'used by' links. Would that be possible to do in the bpm please? I know I can UPDATE these fields using the bpm node, but I can't remove them...


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@Paul Alexander

I wonder if you are caught in a similar issue reported in the topic below. The CSV Import Update process will not allow fields (such as 'Used By') to be blanked out. I will be interested where this takes you...

Set Asset field values (i.e. used by and owned by) to null/blank via the CSV Asset Import utility - Service Manager - Hornbill Community Forums

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