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  1. I have one request where we use a combination of a few field types (all mandatory), if I hit Finish without completing any details it says I need to answer all the questions. However if I answer any one of the questions I can hit Finish, without answering the other mandatory fields. It doesn't seem to matter which one I answer, whether it's a single line text, static radioset or static drop down radioset. The issue is the same on Edge and IE. We don't user Chrome over here. Its appears to be Custom Forms too from what I have access to test. (Can't find any default forms to test)
  2. Hello, apologies, i've just posted the same issue as well.
  3. Good morning, I will raise an Incident for this shortly, but wanted to gauge whether it's just our instance this is affecting. We have been seeing requests not routing properly this morning, and after a little investigation it transpires in the PCF that "This field requires a value to be provided" does not seem to be enforcing the field to be answered. I have tried a variety of different field types, static radioset, single line text field, dynamic drop down select box, and they all appear affected. From our testing so far, this seems to be affecting only the portal, rather than Service Manager. Unfortunately today is the first day we've become aware of this, so not sure if it was an issue on the previous previous portal or not. Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks Chris
  4. How do we tag this as an enhancement request @Steve Giller ? Just tried with Vin and not sure where we're looking
  5. Yah, echo what Paul has said. The concept is that the CMDB is kept up to date in real time automatically without having to involve the config/asset team.
  6. An option to hide specific email templates from analysts would be unbelievably helpful. We've been left with 100+ which are bespoke to specific scenarios in various BPMs and we don't want these visible to analysts. Yes, I am aware I can change and remove the area these are stored in under the email templates section, but that's a project in itself.
  7. +1 for this functionality as well. Would be invaluable in keeping our CMDB accurate automatically rather than by a lone team member manually doing this (when they have a million other more pressing issues)
  8. We are currently going through our onboarding phase for a new environment and have noticed that Tasks are missing some functionality we require. Ability to edit Task titles. We are designing tasks in our BPMs so the requirement for amendments will be lessened, but this will still be required for our analysts. I've been unable to find a setting to enable this anywhere so unsure if I've missed something, or whether it's just locked down by default. If we create a task manually this functionality works. A notes section on Tasks. Whilst I understand that Activities are designed to be opened and completed straight away. That is just not the case in our environment for our analysts and I'm sure we are not alone. Our analysts manage their workload via "Activities" and not "Service Requests". Service Requests are not used to manage individual actions, as that is what "Tasks" are for. The Service Request provides us an overview perspective of all the activities and provide the correct routing and flows for activities and emails to happen at the right time. We have activities which require communication between analysts and customers/managers for example, to arrange collection time to issue or to retrieve hardware, or to arrange an update to permissions etc. These could be one of many tasks created on a Service Request (e.g Starter Requests). I appreciate that notes could be added to the Service Request, but this doesn't quite work when you have a multitude of activities for various areas within IT who may need to be updating that based on comments they need to make. The comments are very bespoke to the specific task at hand are not really suited to Service Request itself. Not to mention that if you load an Activity, you then have to go scroll through the Service Request to see if there is an appropriate comment for your task, when it could be filled lots of other comments from other tasks. The ability to do this is quite a big deal for us going forward. Please could this be something that could be looked into?
  9. Should we still be seeing "Undefined" above the logon options? We're also finding we have to close the entire browser down and start again from scratch too this morning, which is less than ideal when we have lots of things (not just Hornbill) open at the same time.
  10. @Victor It works after closing/re-opening browser. Have had to do that twice now though.. Refresh/CTRL + F5 didn't work for me.
  11. Hello, I'm trying to reduce clicks for the analysts in our environment by adding formatting to the Human Tasks to highlight important details relevant to the request. This is seemingly working well, with one downside - it is making the Activities view look quite messy as its showing the formatting. The Activity itself looks fine though. I was wondering if this is something I'm doing wrong, or something that could be fixed in a future update? I appreciate analysts can just click on the reference number in the activity/view and then get the information from the requests, but with requests which route to multiple teams I was hoping I could add relevant information to the specific team. Additionally, is it possible to add Customer automatically to the Activity and View? Any advice/guidance would be appreciated.
  12. Will be good to have this back as it's affected the testing of our new environment last week.
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