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Issue with updating Manager field from LDAP sync

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Hi All,

Some of our User manager details appear to be failing when loading to the system, which then means we get an error when searching against any affected User on the Co-Workers page.

However, when reviewing the LDAP upload I can see some Users manager details are loading aok, and others are failing. They are both in the same location on the AD, and both use the same LDAP process to upload. Also, when checking the Manager details on the AD these appear to be correct on both (screen shot below) but one fails when loading to Hornbill, and the other loads aok?

Any ideas why there is this difference at all please?


Error Message in Co-worker search:


Message on the User profile in Admin:


Co-worker from same location in AD no issues:



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@Adrian Simpkins 
I've only just spotted this - firstly, I've removed the images - there was personal information on there that is probably not suitable for a public forum.

From the error message it would appear that the distinguishedName does not match your regex for the import, my first instinct is that it is the CN=Surname\, Firstname is being broken by the \ character, so the first thing I'd check is whether the managers that do import are CN=Surname, Firstname without the \

If the working ones are missing the \ you have two options: adjust the entries in AD to all fit the same template or adjust the Regex to cater for the \

If not, please post back and someone will pick it up for you.

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This is the regex configured within our LDAP import. image.png.0a4683be15df600434ef210fb489b5d4.png


This is the same across all of our LDAP imports. The manager attribute within AD are also all the same format so in theory I cannot see why this would work for some user accounts within that particular LDAP import and not all. I believe that is Adrians query. The issue is not consistent. 

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@Stephen.whittle It's been a while and the image was removed for privacy reasons as mentioned, but if I remember correctly there were examples with CN=Surname\, Firstname and CN=Surname, Firstname - as noted one has the comma escaped with a '\' character and the other does not, and the two options will produce different values to match on.

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Hi All

So this issue is still occurring for a handful of our Users, and I have checked the data for this as below:-

- all affected users come from the same LDAP import and the same location on the Active Directory

- some users manager loads with no issues, whereas some others are failing to load the manager (when viewing the manager in the Users Profile on Admin shows as below image)


I cannot see where this difference is occurring as I have 2 full Analysts both Southend Users, both with the same manager, both in the same location on the AD, and both use the same LDAP process to upload. One loads the manager with no issues, the other is showing as above. Copy of the manager create & update config they all use is below:


Many thanks !

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