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New Portal Live Date

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

Just a general question relating to the cut off date for the new portal / turning off the old service portal.

As you are all very aware there is a nasty little bug floating around that is affecting us all. However, working in the Health Sector this is impacting all our workstreams, and staff resources. So I wanted to ask is the cut off date for the Summer still going to be enforced? As I am being pulled away to focus on Covid19 related requests and potentially will have to step away from this role altogether to temporarily support our front line staff if things get too manic, I am concerned that I will struggle to meet this deadline.

I did have plans in place to start a review of the new portal, and to start fleshing out how it would look, but of course these plans are now in disarray, and I do not think this will change before the Summer.

Any thoughts please?

Many thanks :) 

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@Gerry I would assume that for the flip side there is nothing wrong (providing that we are happy) for us to make this live when ever we want to?

Are there going to many more updates that are coming soon that we need to be aware of? As I know the webinar was postponed but I think that we are 'nearly' there with our reformatted portal....

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