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Centre tiles in links widget

Dan Munns

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Could we have the option to centre the tiles in the links widget please?

Drives me mad when I have 4 tiles, all same image size, and they are left justified. Triggers my OCD (and seems to make the page seem odd when paired with other widgets)

I am sure that you are going mad with the amount of posts I have made in this subforum. I will stop soon I promise :)

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On 2/17/2020 at 2:27 PM, Daniel Dekel said:

Hehehe @Dan Munns,

Don't worry about posting... you are doing the product even better!!! :D

Yep, makes sense to add alignment. Will do something similar to the Text widget.



Is this available yet?  Definitely a draw back on the new portal!

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5 hours ago, Daniel Dekel said:

Hi @Michael Sharp,

The entire links widget was improved and changed significantly since then. The items when set to Tiles are centered. 




Sorry @Daniel Dekel I got mixed up with the Service Catalog icon widget.  I would like these centralised please.  Further to this, if the rows have an odd number of icons, these would be central also (so three on top, two underneath) would still be centralised.


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