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Testing the portal


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Probably something I am missing.

So I wanted to start testing the Portal, I have set up a test user in azure and am able to log into live.hornbill.com/XXXXX as a basic, self service user I am presented with the my services page.

In the Manage Employee Portal I have the following settings. Note that we dont currently use any self service so I have ticked the Hide my services option.


With these setting I would have expected to land on the new employee portal. 

What am I missing?

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@Kelvin under the Home menu tile, do you still see a My Services option, or just the Company Home option?


With My Service disabled, Company home will be top of the list and therefore the default for basic users (who can't set their own default view)

If the user is of type User then their old default view would still apply, but this should not be the case for users of type basic


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@Daniel Dekel Hi Daniel, 

As a basic user I am not seeing any option to make default view, my question would also me when we go live across the company will everyone have to set their default view? as I though by selecting Hide My Services this would change the default page.


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