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Help with Priorities/SLTs etc


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We are bringing on more departments into Service Manager which is great thing, however I am struggling to get my head around the priorities and associated rules.

Our Service Desk logs most requests and prioritises them, for several teams but we would like the SLTs to be different e.g.

Team A - high priority is 1 day, medium is 2 days and low is 10 days
Team B - high priority is  4 days, medium is 8 days and low is 20 days

Is there a way to set rules so that is if High is chosen then dependant on the team that is assigned the SLT is different?

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Hi @Jeremy

Just FYI, an overview of the service levels can be found here https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Level_Agreements 

In answer to your question, the SLTs are service based... so on the relevant services for those teams, you can configure the SLA/SL rules to pick a specific SLA/SL based on a combination of request criteria e.g. the team and priority in your case.

If you configure your BPM to start the timers once your team priority have been set, then the rules will process against the criteria and set the SLT accordingly.

Here is a screenshot of a quick mockup, so on SLA details in this example I have created 3 service levels (1,2,3) each of which can have their own response/fix times.  I then have multiple rules defined, in this example if 2nd line support and High priority are set on the request it would pick SL 1, if assigned to 3rd Line support and High priority you will get SL 2 etc. 

Hope that makes sense but please feel free to ask if I still haven't answered your question exactly.





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