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Connections on requests

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

So I have a number of business processes where we either connect the Customers Manager (impacted), or we connect the Customers manager (interested) and an impacted connection (owner of a mailbox, or a distribution list).

The issue I am having is that I want to send an email to each type of connection in certain scenarios, so I have setup the interested connection as custom field M, and stipulate in the send email to connection node to send this to the Interested party. Then I have a second connection which is custom field H for the impacted party - however, when I try to send 1 email to the interested party, and another to the impacted party it appears that the system is ignoring the second party setup and either only sends one email to the interested party, or it sends both emails to the interested party.

Am I correct in my assumption that within the email request connection node the field that allows me to choose which type of connection I want to email should pick this up and send it either to the interested party, or both the interested connection and the impacted connection?

FYI I have one decision node where I would only email the impacted connection but it just doesn't send any email at all (this decision branch does not connect the interested party, only the impacted party but the script appears to jump the node and send no email?

Many thanks

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@Adrian Simpkins

Can you post a extract of the BPM to show the logic. I presume the custom fields are used to purely to trigger whether the email connections nodes should be triggered and do not contain email addresses?

We have a similar need to involve connections in the email notification, hence why we raised an enhancement to be able to send a single email to the customer and connections in one go.




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Hi Martyn

Copy of part of the flow as below (same issue occurs on each decision node). The highlighted request is for a new shared mailbox, and it should either email the customers manager for information (interested connections), or email the new mailbox owner (impacted connection). 1st decision always adds the manager as connection, then the next decision decides if an email to the manager is required, or an email to the impacted new owner.  Just retested this to be sure and if I select I require a new shared mailbox, and I am the owner it is sending the Advise manager of new shared mailbox email correctly. Then when I run another test it is connecting both connections correctly as interested / impacted then it sends the email that should go to the impacted connection to the interested connection (second / third images)

Thanks !

impacted 20088525_Connection-mulitple2.png.776a0a214d2fa3d0c5152f2794497f8d.png 



Connection - mulitple.png

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