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2 Shared Mailboxes - How to set default as sender

Frank Reay

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Frustrating problem.

We now use 2 mailboxes in our instance. When the Agents are entering an Email Update the default sender email address provided by the system seems to vary. It does not default to the last one used and I don't know how the system selects the default. This is not always noticed by the Agent and so they sometimes send from the incorrect address.

The Agent can go into the dropdown to select the correct address but that is far from ideal. Each of our 2 addresses is used uniquely for a different Service which is looked after by a different group of Agents.

Does anyone know how the system selects the default sending address and can this be set/controlled?

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Thanks for your help. The Service config was my first port of call but I can now see that it appears my problem is I can't see the mailbox setting! When creating a new Service I don't have that 'Default Mailbox' dropdown and when I go into an existing service again I cannot see any reference to mailbox. See screenshots below. What am I missing?



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@Frank Reay currently you need two things enabled to see the mailbox drop down

1. A role which has the ManageEmail System Rights - like the default Admin Role

2. Permissions to the 2 mailboxes 

if you have these, you should see the options in the services details. 

FYI - in the next Service Manager update (coming weeks), you will only in fact need the relevant system rights, not access to each mailbox, but for now these are worth checking. 

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Found it!!!

I have to go into Edit of an existing Service and then I see what Martyn sees. The 'Default Mailbox' option does not appear when creating a Service nor when viewing main Details. However when you click on the Edit button then 'hey presto' there it is.

Now updated and sorted. Many thanks to all!

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