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Email shortcuts opening in new tab?

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

I've got some users complaining that, when they try to open an email from a request (by clicking the 3 dots then selecting View Email) Hornbill will open a new tab and show the MAILBOX (as opposed to the actual email showing up in the same tab as they were in previously)




I can't seem to get this to happen at all (I've tried right clicking, ctrl-clicking, shift-clicking.....)......any ideas why this is happening please?! 






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@Paul Alexander

This is down to the new UI released in the recent Collaboration build update, which has removed the ability to be able to click on the option and selection open in a new Tab.

Like yourselves this has been a major complaint from our users since the build was released and something we have raised a support request for as well.

 @Alberto M in his post below raised the issue first on the forum and @Nanette confirmed that this has been identified as a product defect and a fix is due to be released.




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