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Organisation Import Tool - Additional Fields - h_notes

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In relation to the Organisation Import Tool (1.0.0), there are some fields missing from the example field mapping in the  json  configuration file.

In particular the 'h_notes' field is the one  I am after at the moment, but 'h_timezone' and 'h_region'  appear also to be missing, but language is present.



If I add the missing ones in to the field mapping, will they work or does this require a change to the tool itself?





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@Martyn Houghton just add them in the config file same way the other fields are configured. The tool looks in the config file and will process any fields there, as long as they exist in the organisation structure. Something like this in the config file:

	"APIKey": "your_api_key_here",
	"InstanceId": "your_instance_id_here",
	"OrganisationAction": "Create",
	"SQLConf": {
		"Driver": "",
		"Server": "",
		"Database": "",
		"UserName": "",
		"Password": "",
		"Port": 0,
		"Encrypt": false,
		"OrganizationName": "FIELD 1",
		"Query": "SELECT * FROM import_csv_file.csv]"
		"organization_name":"FIELD 1",
		"address":"FIELD 2",
		"city":"FIELD 3",
		"state":"FIELD 4",
		"postal_code":"FIELD 5",
		"country":"FIELD 6",
		"industry":"FIELD 7}",
		"phone_number":"FIELD 8",
		"website":"FIELD 9",
		"language":"FIELD 10",
		"notes":"FIELD 11",
		"timezone":"FIELD 12",
		"region":"FIELD 13",
		"custom_1":"FIELD 14",
		"custom_2":"FIELD 15",
		"custom_3":"FIELD 16",
		"custom_4":"FIELD 17",
		"custom_5":"FIELD 18",
		"custom_6":"FIELD 19",
		"custom_7":"FIELD 20",
		"custom_8":"FIELD 21",
		"custom_9":"FIELD 22",
		"custom_10":"FIELD 23",
		"custom_11":"FIELD 24"


As a side note: there is a current issue with the tool whereby if you are importing a company named ABC but you have in the system a company named ABC LTD, then the tool will match the ABC with ABC LTD because is doing a LIKE comparison. This is something I am working to cater for. Just an FYI.

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@Martyn Houghton well if you have the config on "Create" and teh tool will find a match (with the LIKE issue presented above) it will skip adding that record... it assumes you only want to add new records and since it believes there is already a record wit will not add it.


5 minutes ago, Martyn Houghton said:

I will presume the same will apply to 'custom_0'


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