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Found 8 results

  1. I am now looking to integrate to a JIRA Cloud instance as well as on premises, but have struck a problem with creating a test request as the integration process is failing, but the error in the logs is not given any indication of the why. I can create a request manually using the same credentials with only specifying the Summary, Description and Priority. I suspect the issue is the priority value but cannot be sure as there is not detailed error/response information being provided. Is there any additional logging we can check to help diagnose where it is failing? Cheers Martyn
  2. @Victor In relation to the Organisation Import Tool (1.0.0), there are some fields missing from the example field mapping in the json configuration file. In particular the 'h_notes' field is the one I am after at the moment, but 'h_timezone' and 'h_region' appear also to be missing, but language is present. If I add the missing ones in to the field mapping, will they work or does this require a change to the tool itself? Cheers Martyn
  3. In order to try an get a workaround to the issue with the 'Wait for Status Change' node not triggering when the SubStatus is changed (post link at the bottom of this one) I am attempting to use the 'Wait for Request Update' node. My logic was that I could use the 'Wait for Request Update' node to suspend the workflow and then check if the SubStatus had changed. If not return to the suspend node and wait for the next request update. Extract of the workflow and condition statement below. However my BPM do not un-suspend when making a change to sub status, which leads me on to my question of what does trigger the 'Wait for Request Update' suspend node to complete? Cheers Martyn
  4. We have a number of analyst who are saying they are not receiving notifications on the 'Notification Bell' when requests are assigned to them however this seems to be intermittent. Is there a database table which holds the notifications, so that I can query them to determine if there is an issue with notifications not being generated or if the analyst are clearing them in some way. Cheers Martyn
  5. I sure this is a simple question, but not able to locate the location where you can setup the Asset Vendor, Product and Version drop downs for the 'Software' Asset Class. Any pointers? Cheers Martyn
  6. Can I request some further information on the change announced in ESP Build 3129 - "Added purging option to delete messages older than a certain age (Default 3 Years and maximum allowed up to 7 Years) in the Deleted Items folder". I presume this is disabled by default when the build is applied? Just confirm it only applies to the 'Deleted Items' folder only and not other folders in the mailbox such as 'Inbox Archive' etc. Cheers Martyn
  7. Hello All, I'm looking to implement the below query to run on a schedule to automatically move specific mail in our mailboxes to sent and deleted items; this is related to how we organize the mailboxes. -- Move Sent and Deleted emails UPDATE h_msg_messages, h_sys_organizations SET h_msg_messages.h_folder_id = h_sys_organizations.h_custom_11 WHERE LOCATE(CONCAT('- ', h_sys_organizations.h_organization_name, ' -'), h_msg_messages.h_msg_subject) > 0 -- Look for '- Name -'' only in subject AND (h_msg_messages.h_folder_id = 113 OR h_msg_messages.h_folder_id = 114) -- Support -> Sent & Deleted Folders AND h_sys_organizations.h_custom_11 IS NOT NULL -- Must have a valid folder AND h_sys_organizations.h_custom_11 <> 172 -- Ignore organisation Currently the script is ran manually however having a feature to run this automatically on a schedule would be ideal. Thanks! Josh M
  8. We have have been asked a question internally, wondered if you have any thoughts: Any information would be appreciated.
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