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  1. In order to undertake more complex measures and to be able or retrospectively regenerate them, can we request an enhancement to be able to insert the 'Date Ranging Column' start and end date/time stamps in the 'Query where clause'. For example we want to set a measure that obtains the number of open requests at the end of a period, so we would do a count on requests where the Data Logged is before the end of the period and the date closed is null or after the end of the period. Cheers Martyn
  2. Can we request an enhancement for a BPM operation to be able to return a list of linked requests, with the optional ability to filter by request type, as a comma separated string. In our instances we are wanting to attain a list of linked incidents to pass via iBridge to our development system in JIRA. It would also be useful to be able to do the same to get the list of organisations for said linked requests. Cheers Martyn
  3. Regarding this update: Will this impact the current priorities that we have set up within the system and their SLTs etc?
  4. We now have a number of Categories setup for multiple teams, which consequently have different categories for different actions within Service Desk. This means when different administrators in different teams update the 'Manage Default Categories' these categories are changing for all teams. We need to set the default category else you get a warning in the Service Manager app when attempting to record time spent, but need the ability to set defaults appropriate for the teams which are members of the appropriate categories. How do we set the default categories based on the specific Category the teams is assigned too? Cheers Martyn
  5. I am trying to determine a way to monitor the number of Service Manage Subscriptions using a SQL Measure, so that I can keep a track of our subscription usage and also allow me to predict/plan for any required increases. I have got as far as below, but still are returning more rows than the subscription count, so I must be missing or have a invalid criteria. SELECT distinct a.h_user_id FROM h_sys_accounts a left join h_sys_accounts_roles rg on a.h_user_id=rg.h_user_id left join h_sys_roles r on rg.h_role=r.h_role where a.h_class=1 and a.h_account_status <=1 and r.h_application='com.hornbill.servicemanager' Checking Account is a Full User Account is Active or Suspended Has a Group membership which references the Service Manager application Any idea what I am missing? Cheers Martyn
  6. @Steve G I am able to to successfully use the JIRA -> Create Issue Method to create issues in our cloud based JIRA instance where the form does not contain any mandatory fields of type 'Option' or 'Multi Select Array'. I am trying to implement logging of 'Support Item' issue type in our JIRA instance from Service Manager. The create issue form has both a mandatory 'Customer' field with prescribed options and a multi select field for versions. I have tried populating both but the JIRA Create Issue method fails. As there is no error logged I cannot determine whether it is failing on both or just one of them, as both are mandatory. How can I diagnose this further? Cheers Martyn
  7. To get around the issue with the Organisation Import tool I need to run an update script to update custom fields and industry on a selected number of organisation records. Can you please advise how I request this to be done? Cheers Martyn
  8. Following the change to restrict Database Direct to SQL SELECT only in ESP Build 3237, I am no longer able to do a bulk insert into h_itsm_servicesubscriptions against organisations loaded in using the Organisation Import Tool, as part of bring on board a new division to our existing instance. Can you please advise how I request this to be done? Cheers Martyn
  9. @Steve G We are able now to get the 'Search Drive Items' to function and return a fileid , but when we insert these into the 'Share Drive Items' the node returns cloud automation successful but no values are returned nor the share undertaken. Cheers Martyn
  10. We are experiencing an issue with the customer portal on our instance, where if the customer is timed out, when they attempt to log back in it get stuck in a loop requiring them to login. We think this might be down to the use of a domain proxy and the session cookie, which we are attempting to replicate before logging it as a formal support ticket. In the meantime we have increased our Customer Portal Timeout to 14,400 seconds, aka 4 hours, to alleviate the issue. However it appears that the timeout still occurs at 1 hour rather than 4. Is there a maximum value for the timeout? Cheers Martyn
  11. We are looking to to use Board Manager for tracking Service Manager Requests which are approaching SLA targets using the Escalation Actions, however to make it more useful, we need to look at displaying some additional information on the cards for each request. Is the default card content currently configurable? i.e. so we can include additional fields from the request entity? Cheers Martyn
  12. We are attempting to setup a Widget to display the top 5 External Organisation for the last 12 months based on call volume, but struggling to be able to get external organisation name. With the following Filter Cheers Martyn
  13. When inserting in to a work space timeline comment, the UI tells me the number of characters left, but then errors stating it is too large, so somewhat confused. One of them must be wrong Cheers Martyn
  14. @Steve G I am trying to setup OneDrive integration with our corporate OneDrive account but it is failing to retrieve the meta data on the drives/account. Any ideas? Cheers Martyn
  15. @Steve G When used the Google Drive - Remove File Share option I am getting an error indicating file not found. I am passing in the Field1 one attribute which is located by the first integration step and is sucessfully shared by the second integration call. I am then inserting the returned 'id' field from the second share integration call as the 'Permissions ID', but the process fails and the share remains in place. Am I passing the wrong field as the Permission ID? Cheers Martyn "iBridge Method: /Google/Drive/Remove File Share.m Error: Google Drive Error: Unknown error occurs!File not found: undefined...."
  16. With ESP Conditions in templates can you use logical operators such as 'OR' and 'AND', or is just a single value assessment condition? For example I wish to check if {{Customer Contact.H_language} is 'en' or 'en-US' or is not 'fr' or 'de' or 'pl'? Cheers Martyn
  17. I have setup a role to give out users permission to administer contacts and organisation, along with setting up Customer Portal Accounts. However though they are able to manually set a password, click on the 'Generate Random Password' button does not result in anything being generated. What additional application rights are are required for the ability for the password generator to work? Cheers Martyn
  18. I am trying to restrict the deletion of attachments using a role, so as to limit it to a certain number of analysts. There does not appear to be an 'Application Right' to do this at the moment, but is this something that can be done by adjusting the 'Database Rights'? If so would there be any issues with doing the latter? Cheers Martyn
  19. When using the JIRA Cloud iBridge Integration - Comment Issue, how do you inject the 'key' of the item in JIRA you want to comment on, as there does not appear to be a variable to inject this? Is it hard coded to use the External Reference? Cheers Martyn
  20. Linked to my earlier post about trying to identify missing notifications we seem to have tied it down to 'Desktop Notifications'. Can I query what logic is applied to notifications which trigger as a 'Desktop Notification', as they do not appear to be included in the the User App notification 'Bell' count nor appear when viewing the 'Dismissed' notification from the same icon. It appears that if a notification activity generates a 'Desktop Notification' it is automatically dismissed in someway, but I would still expect to see it in the 'Dismissed' list if this was the case. Cheers Martyn
  21. I am now looking to integrate to a JIRA Cloud instance as well as on premises, but have struck a problem with creating a test request as the integration process is failing, but the error in the logs is not given any indication of the why. I can create a request manually using the same credentials with only specifying the Summary, Description and Priority. I suspect the issue is the priority value but cannot be sure as there is not detailed error/response information being provided. Is there any additional logging we can check to help diagnose where it is failing? Cheers Martyn
  22. We have a number of analyst who are saying they are not receiving notifications on the 'Notification Bell' when requests are assigned to them however this seems to be intermittent. Is there a database table which holds the notifications, so that I can query them to determine if there is an issue with notifications not being generated or if the analyst are clearing them in some way. Cheers Martyn
  23. I am currently undertaking test migrations using the SQL Request Importer (v1.3.1), and I am trying to carry over a much information into the Historic Updates that the tool allows. Would it be possible to get some clarification on the below:- h_updatedby and h_updategroup, are these just literal values or are there lookups applied to them such as the User lookup and Team Mapping? h_actiontype and h_actionsource I am presuming these are textual literal values which we can pass in any text from the source system? h_timespent is passed in as an integer in the unit of minutes? Cheers Martyn
  24. @Victor In relation to the Organisation Import Tool (1.0.0), there are some fields missing from the example field mapping in the json configuration file. In particular the 'h_notes' field is the one I am after at the moment, but 'h_timezone' and 'h_region' appear also to be missing, but language is present. If I add the missing ones in to the field mapping, will they work or does this require a change to the tool itself? Cheers Martyn
  25. In order to try an get a workaround to the issue with the 'Wait for Status Change' node not triggering when the SubStatus is changed (post link at the bottom of this one) I am attempting to use the 'Wait for Request Update' node. My logic was that I could use the 'Wait for Request Update' node to suspend the workflow and then check if the SubStatus had changed. If not return to the suspend node and wait for the next request update. Extract of the workflow and condition statement below. However my BPM do not un-suspend when making a change to sub status, which leads me on to my question of what does trigger the 'Wait for Request Update' suspend node to complete? Cheers Martyn
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