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Ability to log a self service ticket on behalf of someone else

David Longley

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@David Longley you can't add a value of No to this question, as the question is using a user picker, however you could use a question before this which asks:

Is this on behalf of someone else, with a default value of No, if changed to Yes, you can have the user picker conditionally appear.

If you are familiar with the conditional questions, you simply set the user picker question to not be visible by default, and then set an override flag and a condition which evaluates the answer to the previous Yes / No question


I hope that makes sense?

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Hi @Steven Boardman, i have just done this but when the ticket is created, it does not select the customer as the person who i have selected. It still logs the ticket as me?




As you can see from the image below, the customer is me but i selected Aykut from the drop down lost. I would have thought it would have selected Aykut as the customer so that he gets all the emails.

ADMIN EDIT: Image contains sensitive information and it was removed (GDPR)

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@David Longley As mentioned in the referenced thread, there is currently no option to raise the Request on behalf of someone else, this will be available when the Employee Portal is released. What you can currently do is add another user as a connection - to do this you will need to take the value from the question you asked in ProCap, and add that as a connection within the Business Process.
Basically, you have asked the question - you now need to add an action in order to do something with the answer.

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@David Longley the first part you have shown is the picking of a user from progressive capture, this will only provide you with a userid, you then need to use the business process engine to add the user as a connection to the request. 

In the process designer you need to use a Get Request Info > Progressive Capture Answers node then follow this with the add connection option and inject the userid variable into Co-worker from Variable field from your progressive capture question and choose the connection type (i have used On Behalf Of). 


This won't chance the customer, but it will add a connection, who you can then email through the automated email connections business process options and the manual options on the request form itself. 

If you are not going to add a connection via progressive capture each and every time you will need to handle that in your process logic ,and i have attached a business process which does just that in the first stage, as a reference point if you need it. 

new-mobile-request.bpm (3).txt

Hope that helps


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