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  1. We have just gone live and one thing we would like to set up is that when a new ticket is logged, an email is sent to my team to inform them. by default tickets are assigned to the Servicedesk without an owner. is there a way that an email can be sent every time a ticket is logged to a team informing that that they need to review/assign the new ticket accordingly? Thanks
  2. Many thanks @TrevorHarris, I will take a look.
  3. Hi @TrevorHarris i am adding these via a BPM on service manager.
  4. Hello, I am looking at configuring my new CAB board but i cant find out how i can get the following added: CR Number to be displayed and how i can change the colour of the items as it makes it way through the CR lifecycle. Currently when i create a board entry they all get displayed as this: Ideally it needs to show the below: Thanks
  5. Thanks for your help @Victor @Steve Giller I have since spoken to Yodit and she told me what i needed to amend to update the default catalog for new tickets being logged via email:
  6. Hi @Steven Boardman see below: When an email is sent it used the 'something is broken' service which i get the error. if i log a ticket via the SS portal i get this: something is different but i am not sure where to go to fix it Thanks Dave
  7. HI @Steven Boardman, all i am doing is sending an email into XXX@XXX.com which is generating a ticket. when i try to process the ticket i get a Error NO Matching gotoif found. This error is only generates when a ticket is logged via email. All i need to know if what WF is being used so i can trace and see why this is happening.
  8. Hello, Can someone please tell me how i can find out what the default workflow is (or what is being used) if someone was to send an email which will auto log an incident?
  9. Thanks @Steven Boardman I am subscribed to some services which i can now see: I am part of a team which is subscribed. However, when i click on 'my services' nothing happens
  10. thanks @James Ainsworth, this email is for the customer so that he/she can access the ticket and close it down. Are you saying that the URL should be: https://service.hornbill.com/limoss/servicemanager/request/view/{{.H_pk_reference}}
  11. thanks for the update @Victor, if i was to add a validation message, does that message replace the text in red?
  12. Hello, can someone help me and tell what i am doing wrong, the below is a section of my resolution email template but when users click on the link there get a 404 - page cant be displayed error. Please review the ticket via the Hornbill portal: https://live.hornbill.com/limoss/servicemanager/request/view/{{.H_pk_reference}}
  13. When you log into the 'Service' self service portal what is the search criteria which appears above 'my active requests' ? Each time i type anything is get: We were unable to find any results that matched your search. Click below to return to the My Services Home Page or try searching using a different word or phrase. Return to My Services Home page Also, in the portal, when i click on My Services (top right corner), nothing happens or loads up. Is that correct?
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