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  1. Hello, Can someone please help me or tell me what setting i need to enable so that all contacts within an organisation are able to see all tickets logged by members of the same company? I have added two contacts into the same organisation but when we look at the customer portal under active tickets, i can't see all the tickets i am expecting to see. Also i am not sure how it should be displayed, i would have thought it would show something like, my organisation tickets.
  2. I have updated my json file to: "ContactAction": "Both", which i hoped would update the contact as i have amended the users job title but it still creates a new contact
  3. We are using the CSV contact import script which is working fine, but when we make a change to a contact and want to run the script top update the contact, the script is creating duplicate accounts. What do we need to do in the json file to update the contact?
  4. hello please can you allow the functionality to insert screen shots when logging support tickets with yourself, it would make life alot easier. thanks
  5. thanks @Steven Cotterell, thats exactly what i needed. cheers!
  6. Hello, IU want to be able to grant users with the account type 'User' to have the ability to see the email tab: what role do i need to give them to only see this?
  7. this would be a great additional, very frustrating as the default images are poor.
  8. okay great, I am manually uploading 80+ org, should i wait or do it? @Victor
  9. Hi @Victor do you have any eta for the contact and organisation import tool?
  10. I want to display more fields within the customer ‘my profile’ section. I can see that I can add new fields within he contact section (e.g. I just created a filed called VIP): How would I be able to display for example VIP in the 'my profile' section so that the contact can populate this information: Please can you configure the style sheet so that you can select what extra files to display fo the contact to update.
  11. Cheers @Martyn Houghton, this has worked a treat. Thanks. Another, question, do you know how i can add images into the ProCap form? e.g : if you see this error message below please ensure you have .....
  12. Hi @Steve G @Victor @Steve Giller I am getting the above error on a ProCap form that i have just created only when i select 'No I am not using the correct URL' question. If i select Yes I am , the flow works perfectly. Here is the flow: This is the Goto IF condition of the correct URL branch: Please help as it is driving me mad:
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