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  1. Please can someone let me know if the following is possible for when you link tickets together: If any linked ticket is re-opened, will all the linked ticket open? If so what happens top this relationship? What happens if we need to convert to a problem ticket. Is all the child ticket reference transferred as well? When reporting does each child ticket count as a separate ticket? If the Parent ticket breaches SLA child tickets do not how is that reported on?
  2. @Steven Boardman please can i be made aware when this is live within the system
  3. thanks @Victor, by default i have guest.app.requests.notification.allowUserDefinedNotificationType. switched off. If i enable this and then ask the user to make the changes and then disable this feature, will the system over-right what the user has defined?
  4. Hello, I want to set up a role whereby our IT manager can see all tickets which is logged in the system but does not want to receive emails each time a ticket is logged? currently i have to add him as a member of all support teams but he does not want to receive the emails informing him when a ticket has been logged. Thanks
  5. Hello, I want to give someone from my organisation access to the system but only in a read only capacity. Is there such a role?
  6. Hello, i was wondering if someone can tell me a way in which you are able to change the catalog item mind way through an active ticket? We currently use a self service portal which is broken down by specific service. if a customer selects the wrong catalogue item which will then log a ticket, we want to be able to change that catalog item and set it to the correct one. This is so that we can accurately report on all tickets. Please advise?
  7. Does the system have the ability to set up scheduled tickets? e.g. each month i want the system to automatically raise a ticket asked for XYZ to be completed
  8. thanks @Steven Boardman, what condition do i need to add to ensure that it will send an email if a priority is changed to PI at any stage of the lifecycle?
  9. Thanks @Steven Boardman below is the current rule i have: i am not sure what i need to configure to set the following: Priority = P1 then invoke Service Level P1, Maybe we could have a quick call?
  10. Thanks @Steven Boardman, we already had these settings enabled in the system. I am looking at my SLA within the Service Portfolio, taking into consideration to what i want to achieve (i.e - everytime a ticket priority is changed to either a P1 or P2, it sends an email, what config do i need to set up?
  11. I have been asked if it is possible to have the option when manually logging a ticket, that we can specify a date/time in the past? e.g. to have the ability to log a retrospective ticket for a date/time in the past? Thanks
  12. What role do I need to grant in order to allow people in my team to have access to create a contact? The + button is not visible to some users and I can’t see anywhere what role I need to grant them?
  13. Hello, is there a system setting or something that can trigger an email every-time a ticket priority has been changed to a P1 ticket? I dont want to go down the BOPM route as the priority can change at any time potentially?
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