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Getting Asset data from PCF


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So I am having some issues with a PCF I have created a node (as below), this allows the user to select an asset of a specific type which works well however when the request is logged this asset is not linked to the request (see bottom image). Is there a way to link the asset to the request in this way?



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Hi Jeremy,

On the custom Progressive Capture forms the date query only provides a list of the assets and doesn't have any automation behind it to link the request.  We may look to provide some options within the BPM to take the name of the asset from the progressive capture questions and link it to the request. But this isn't currently available.

For now if you need to link asset to the request you are best to use the provided Asset Details form.  From your screenshot I can see that you are not on the latest update of Service Manager.  The latest update has a number of new options that can be applied to the Asset Form.  Let us know if any of these help with what you are looking for.




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