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New Connections Functionality - 3 July 2019

Frank Reay

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HI there,

We have updated our instance and configured as detailed in the wiki for Basic Users to be able to view Requests where they are set as Connections. We now receive the warning when adding a Connection in a Request about visibility (so that is promising) but in the Portal there is no new drop down option to enable the user to view Requests where they are set to Connection (is there a setting for this that we have missed and not in the wiki? We have already activated the option for Managers see their Staff Requests and that is fine). Something strange is going on as when we now go back into our 'Service Desk' Service as the new Connections tab (which we had updated to enable View Request and Allow Collaboration) is now a blank page! We can see this page under the tab in our other Services but we don't want/need to enable those. Whilst doing this work I did receive an odd error about a CSRF Token (or something similar) being invalid for 'data'.


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Hi Frank, 

It looks like there is an issue with the tab, and the content is not loaded if you have change request values previously selected. This has been raised with the development team.

In regards to the connections option, this is not hidden behind a setting.

Are you checking the correct portal? This is only available in the Employee Portal https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Connections



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Hi Ryan, Frank


I have managed to find it. 

It requires logging into live.hornbill.com as a basic user or browsing to live.hornbill.com/my-services as a full service manager user but this is the first time I have found this view.  

The wiki is unclear.  It mentions the employee portal but the rest of the wiki advises only service and customer portals are available, searching for employee portal brings nothing up.

This is the first I've seen of this view although Bob has mentioned that changes were coming during my pre go-live calls.   I assume it is this view that is being evolved into the service portal replacement?


Would it be possible to get an option added to view both My Requests and Connections in one list and also to set this option as default.

I work in an hospitality and we re using the system for maintenance and IT.   We would like that if housekeeping log a request that we can expose the tickets via Connections to reception users as well.

It seems we can now do this but only if you change the dropdown specifically to look for the requests.  Noting that the team who has been added as a connection (via BPM) might not know they have been added, they wouldn't know there was a request to look for.


Hope this makes sense.




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@Will J Douglas currently Hornbill platform offers two portals:

The Employee portal in the next generation Services Portal. It is being migrated into the live app as opposed to being accessible via the services URL. There are no wiki entries for it because it is still being developed. More info about this can be found in this thread:

If you are looking to know more about the customer portal please have a look at this section of our forums: https://community.hornbill.com/forum/153-crm-external-customer-service-support/

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@Frank Reay there will be a new Service Manager update that should be released later today that contains a fix for the Connection tab on Service failing to load after setting change request values and revisiting tab.

Once you have taken this update the problem should no longer occur.

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