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  1. Ryan

    View - add Ticket summary

    Looks like there is an issue where the summary is missing if it is populated via a question form instead of the request details form in progressive capture. Hopefully this will get fixed as well. Ryan
  2. Ryan

    View - add Ticket summary

    If the request had a summary, then it should have been displayed in the confirmation, but that is missing from your confirmation @Darren Rose So this would explain why it has no summary on the card in the Board. In a build planned for later this month, the content of the card will display the current Summary of the request, rather than the value at the time the card was added. Ryan
  3. Ryan

    View - add Ticket summary

    @Darren Rose last question before I am stumped. When you added the request to the board, did it already have a summary? Or was the summary edited/set after adding the request to the board?
  4. Ryan

    View - add Ticket summary

    Hi @Darren Rose It all appears to be working for me. Does the user accessing the Board have Service Manager rights? Ryan
  5. Ryan

    Product ID in Asset Management

    Hi @Paul Alexander The data in the asset records is stored correctly. This is just a display issue with the product id value on the asset list. It is displaying the ID of the Software->Product, instead of displaying the Financial->Product ID field. This only affects assets of Software type. We will look into providing a fix, but just letting you know that any information entered is correct. Thanks Ryan
  6. Ryan

    Adding Requests to Global Boards

    Hi Darren, If the Board Manager App is installed, your Service Manager will have the option to enable the boards app action for the request types against a Service. It sounds like you have already added the request types as options in the Board configuration. Then users who have access to the Boards Manager App, will have that actions against the request visible. Hope this helps, Ryan
  7. Ryan

    Customer Feedback Chart

    @SJEaton When closing a request via the BPM, the system was incorrectly setting the rating to 0. This is where all the 0 values are coming from. If a user provides feedback, then it would have overwritten the 0 value. I think it is safe to assume that they are the same as "not set". Ryan
  8. Hi Sam, Had a look at the printing template, and there is an issue. Custom Fields are included in the Details section, using the default system level translation string for the field. A question for this request has been mapped to a Custom Field, so it has been printed out, and the translation string for that custom field on your system has been used. The user is not seeing information related to another request. The print template needs to take into account the Service Level request configuration for fields to display and translation strings (your other screenshots) but is not. I will raise an issue for development to look at Ryan
  9. Ryan

    Reporting issue

    Hi, It looks like you are using "Value is not equal" with multiple values. I will raise this internally, but I think you should only be able to set 1 value when using this type of filter. What is happening, is it is using the first value, and creating a filter of Service Name != 'Estate Services' and ignoring the filtering of Security. If you change "Value is not equal" to "Value is not one of these" then it will create a filter Service Name is not in ('Estate Services, 'Security') which will exclude both of these Services. See if that helps, Ryan
  10. You said you would like a text search on the Apply Email to Request form. Do you mean that you would like a free text search to match on the Summary / Description of existing requests? Instead of only being able to use the Request ID? Thanks, Ryan
  11. Ryan

    Small Email window

    Hi Mark, Yes, we are aware of the issue, and it has already been fixed in the next Service Manager update, which is aiming to be out later this week. Thanks, Ryan
  12. Hi Nasim, Sorry for not getting back to your question earlier. This has been discussed internally, and at this stage there are no plans to apply the autorefresh to the current boards. The boards component may be replaced, and I would hope this functionality will be part of the new component. Thanks, Ryan
  13. Ryan

    Requests - Locking and unlocking actions

    The request for this issue has now been resolved. The BPM will now trigger an event to refresh the request details without waiting for a timeline entry. This will be in the next update - build over 1013
  14. Ryan

    Requests - back arrow from Timeline View - Page not found

    This issue has been fixed in the latest update of the mobile application. Ryan
  15. Ryan

    Feedback on FAQ's

    Hi Paul, Currently the helpful/unhelpful buttons are the only method for the user to provide feedback regarding a FAQ. Ability to provide comments on a FAQ could be a useful feature. Ryan