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Problem Management in Service Manager


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I have a few queries around problem management in Service Manager:

1. Is there a setting that can be enabled to automatically add the customer of an incident as a member or connection on a problem/known error, that their incident has been linked to?
2. Once the above has been added, is there something that can be configured to email an update to all of the members/connections on the problem or known error?
3. Is there the option to update each linked incident from a timeline update at any time - i.e. not a node defined in the business process - this is something we had configured in Supportworks and were able to, from any call diary entry, update any linked requests.



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Hi @Lauren

Currently there isn't an option to add the customer from child Incidents automatically to the parent Problem / Known Error record.

Customers or agents on behalf of the customers can add customers automatically to published Known Issues via self service or when an agent is logging a ticket and is using the knowledge centre to see if there are any related problems / known issues - this is using the Me Too option.  This will add the customer to the problem without the need for an Incident to be raised.  They are added as connections so can be emailed either automatically from the problem business process and the connections email option, or added manually to emails sent from the problem using the CC / BCC options and adding connections in one action.

We have a story which i have now added you to which will allow for the manual cascading of updates to linked requests without the need to rely on BPM defined actions.  As this change proceeds we will post back here


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