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Email errors since last update

Josh Bridgens

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Hi All,

Since the recent update which changed the functionality of the emails back to the original state, it appears that we have been having errors occur when sending emails out from within requests.


After automating a lot of the processes for the Service desk emails we haven't been cheeking the inbox as often and have only just noticed this is happening.



When sending the email from within the request is gives the confirmation the email has been sent but we don't know its failed without going in and checking.

I am unable to currently find any reason these would be failing and System Engineers here are unable to see the emails leaving the Servicedesk@xxxxxxxx Outbox.

Any Help would be appreciated,



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@Josh Bridgens - can you please click on the red envelope icon. This will open a popup, one of the options in the popup is "Delivery Status". Click on it and it will open a delivery log. The reason for failure is in there. Can you please tell us what it says? If it contains any confidential information you can PM me the info...

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Hi Victor,


Thanks for getting back to me - 

5 minutes ago, Victor said:

This will open a popup, one of the options in the popup is "Delivery Status

Recipient Id:
Date Log Entry
2018-11-05 10:24:07 Permanent failure delivering message to target recipient. Status set to 'failed'
2018-11-05 10:24:07 The target domain is invalid, delivery not possible to: prospects.co.uk)



Any ideas?



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@Josh Bridgens ok. I need to let dev team know of this asap as is something that was also reported recently by another customer. I was under the impression that it was caused by incorrect manual action but you experiencing the same indicates a possible fault in the system. I'll get back to you on this.

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@Josh Bridgens - so, there was a Service manager fix relating to this issue included in build 1392. You did not have this fix in your instance until yesterday when you deployed the latest available build, 1401. Since yesterday I can see only two such failures so I believe the fix works apart from these two occurrences and I can't work out why they failed...they were sent by the same user but not sure if this matters... I think it would best if we review this on Monday and see if there are many such failures then...

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Hi @Victor, apologies for not coming back to you sooner, going through an Audit in the office, Much Fun!


I believed the fix was applied well before 1392, or we already had it, which is why I was surprised it had stopped working.

I think I need a week off soon...


Thanks Victor, I will look into the 2 incidents you mentioned and see what could be happening.





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