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Limiting Assets via Service


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Good morning!

Is there a way of locking down assets per Service?

We currently have a whooooole host of assets on the system, some which relate to Facilities and some which relate to IT. As you can imagine, very different assets!

At the moment, we are having to scroll scroll scroll past a number of irrelevant assets in each Service to find the right ones and wondered if there was a better way of doing this? It would alleviate some concerns of the wrong asset being chosen by our staff and make the list easier to traverse.


@stepghg - as per our recent conversation.

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+1 we may be looking to get a department using Hornbill so this will be a massive plus.

How about for each Asset Type allow an organisation / job role to choose whether the Asset can be Viewed or Editted.

  1. If Viewed they can view the details
  2. If Editted they can view and edit the assets.
  3. If Neither are selected then the Asset Type cannot be view at all.

It would also be good to be able to fine tune it so certain roles/organisations can update the timeline or not, add activities or not etc.

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We've also noticed today the amount of assets you can see are limited to 5 for the customer, and 10 for the analyst. Ufortunately, due to IT's work we have in excess of 10 of most types of assets (applications such as SAP, Northgate etc) with variations on the title.

Therefore, if not all of our analysts (easily over 600) don't know the specific title of the specific asset they are looking for, it doesn't always appear!

Can we remove this limit entirely to allow a complete search of all assets with our search keyword associated?

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