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Emailing automatically requesting attachments


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Hi everyone!

I was wondering if there is an easy way of sending an automatic email from a request, if a request is for a certain question type?

Basically, we have a Waste Management category where there is a question simple list involved that include Contaminated Waste. If the customer chooses Contaminated Waste, we require a photograph of the bin to be provided. At present, they log the job and then an individual emails the customer requesting this photograph but if we could automate it this would be great.

We looked at adding it to the progressive capture but because the photo form is a standalone form we cannot use override flags or anything to make it only appear for the Contaminated choice.

Any suggestions or ideas would be really appreciated!

cc @Gemma Morrison

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2 hours ago, Martyn Houghton said:

@lokent, @Gemma Morrison

Have you tried setting the 'Is Mandatory' options on the Add Attachments form to True. This should enforce the uploading of at least one attachment in the PCF. 

Now with the new options to add your own text you can also add more guidance in as well.






As this is an option from a simple list, we are unable to make the question only appear on the Contaminated choice (no override flag can be set on a blue node). Therefore, we would have to have it show for everyone and then ask only those who chose Contaminated to attach a photo - thus leaving it not mandatory. I fear our staff are wiley and wouldn't complete it even if we had warnings and notifications all over the place :P

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