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  1. Yes it is now switched on, and I have logged out and back in, so surely it should be showing by now :/ Lauren
  2. If you could look to see if we could change the background colour, that would be useful. The way our business works, we have a high turnover of requests resolved within 1-2 working days and so the list never really gets past 1 page. This is just something that could catch multiple people's eye, regardless of how they choose to filter their request list :)
  3. Sorry, just tried to do it, and the only role appearing is 'Advanced Reporting Admin'?
  4. @James Ainsworth - we are using the human version of an authorisation task, as we do not have enough users in the system for the automated version. We have it set as that at the moment, whereby the team leader of the team can change the owner of the task, but this is becoming a little time consuming considering a number of our team cannot complete the type of work which has the authorisations (round robin is in use for the majority). Thank you, I think we will change the settings above and ensure each user puts their name if they are not the assigned task completer. Lauren
  5. Good afternoon Is there a way of updating a task assigned to a job at the same time as reassigning the job? For example - if someone was to log an access request to our team, there is an authorisation task included within this job. Some team members are not trained to do this, and so reassign the job to another member of the team. However, the task does not reassign with it, and the new owner finds themselves locked out of the task until an admin user can unlock and reassign it. Thank you
  6. lokent

    Display Order of FAQ's

    +1 We have resorted to using key words within the FAQs and redirecting to the customer to our intranet pages for a full list of FAQs where we can order/filter/categorise as necessary. This enables the customer to find the FAQs relating to their key word and for us to keep the FAQ list on SM as short as possible to stop endless scrolling. A way to alphabetise/link FAQs to certain categories or catalogue items would be ace!
  7. Is there a way we can edit the formatting of the request list to make 'high priority' jobs appear in red or something? As you can see, apart from the fact that there is an update the team haven't picked up yet, the High priory jobs could easily get lost in a long list of logged requests. Thank you in advance for your assistance
  8. lokent

    Can't change site

    We are also having this issue, and linking all sites to an organisation is not an option for us due to our workforce working across two counties and therefore access is required to all sites at all times. Please could we ask that this bug is fixed as soon as possible to enable the site change in the 'description' to work ASAP? Lauren
  9. Good morning guys - happy Monday! Please could I get some clarity around how members in tickets work? We currently have a situation that is happening fairly frequently whereby staff members are asking the ability to review jobs their manager has logged. We thought, rather than reassigning the customer of the job, we could add the staff member as a 'member' to the job so they could also see info? Can you confirm if this works for a Basic user? As I'm writing this... I think I've just remembered it only works with Users, but wanted to double check. If this doesn't work, is there any other way the individual could get updates on that particular one rather than us reassigning or them calling us up for updates? At the moment, we have sent the individual an email from within the job and asked them to reply to that specific email (with the reference # in the subject) to update the job and request updates, but wanted something more permament than this. Thanks for reading my Monday ramble, hoping they get more succinct as the week goes on! Lauren cc: @Gemma Morrison
  10. lokent

    Is there a way to split tickets ?

    Or add the affected parties as members so they can both view it, if you're not worried about whose job list it appears in?
  11. lokent

    Usability of NEW analyst portal design

    We can't use IE because the icons don't appear in our instance, so we are limited only to Firefox
  12. I have some concerns about the new anaylst portal design, and the choices made RE: spacing/colours etc. As you can see, the questions are very pale and difficult to read as the font appears to have shrunk. There is also an issue whereby the 'description' from the previous question seems squashed on top of the next question's header thus again, making it difficult to read. Please could I ask that this is reviewed and the spacing/colouring looked at because whilst it looks clean and modern, our analysts have voiced concerns. Thanks
  13. lokent

    Photographs not uploading to timeline via app

    James, No problem, I will try and get this done today for you. Lauren
  14. lokent

    Photographs not uploading to timeline via app

    Hi @James Ainsworth, Do you require anything from us at this stage or are the developers looking into it? Thanks L