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  1. lokent

    Photographs not uploading to timeline via app

    @James Ainsworth, At the moment, as we are not live yet, only a small handful of people have downloaded the app for training purposes. I'm not sure to what extent they have all been testing it but I can certainly ask and see if they also have the same issue when trying to add a photo. In terms of the Hornbill logs, I'm not sure which log I would be looking at to determine this? Thanks Lauren
  2. lokent

    Photographs not uploading to timeline via app

    Hi @DeadMeatGF All are switched on! Lauren
  3. Good morning, As an organisation, we are looking for a way to track contractor site visits and general bookings of works required. As the SM tool will be used by multiple departments, we were wondering whether there was a function already in situ or that could be looked at to have the following: A calendar editable by multiple teams Where a job reference is set to 'planned', to have a module on the call where you could set the date and this self populate a calendar Reports to be run off calendar to show how many jobs reference that date - for us this would be contractor visits, car MOT/services etc? Obviously this is a very simple outline of it, but we'd be keen to know whether something like this could be looked at? Thanks Lauren cc @John Delamare-Timms
  4. lokent

    Planned Features

    Thanks Trevor, we look forward to hearing more! Lauren
  5. lokent

    Planned Features

    Trevor, Mike and I are from the same org, and we are looking to support multiple teams within the live chat. We imagine this would be a multiple choice at the first level to choose which team you wished to speak to, and then the live chat directing to analysts from those teams for the chat? Lauren
  6. lokent

    Photographs not uploading to timeline via app

    Hi James, The phones are running 1.7.7 currently. My colleague, who was experiencing the issue, has stated they were able to make it work once yesterday but upon trying to replicate it this morning has been unable to do so. This was by taking a photo directly from the app and uploading, they were unsuccessful in being able to upload a photo from their library. In our instance (KEPSM), the SR00001170 ticket number is the one where the photo was able to be uploaded. Lauren cc @John Delamare-Timms
  7. Hello - We are currently testing the mobile app on Samsung mobiles within our organisation. One thing we are keen to be able to utilise for our teams spread geographically across the counties is the use of the photo uploading mechanism, to upload photos of issues/faults whilst at the scene. Presently, we are experiencing the below fault when trying to upload photos to the timeline and we're not sure why? Thanks Lauren
  8. @Steven Boardman thank you for the suggestion! I have just checked, but the person is available for assignment in all groups so not the resolution unfortunately. @Bob Dickinson - yes, it was this! Thank you - we didn't realise this was the case as we assumed SuperUser/Admin would override all other profiles to enable full access. Looks like we have a good few thousand people to add those roles to (that we hadn't picked up on yet). Thank you both for taking the time to look into this for me, appreciate your help! Lo
  9. Could this be because the team 'Management & Admin' is a team in one county, but the person is assigned to another county as a home company? @Bob Dickinson - I don't know if this makes sense but hopefully it would to you?!
  10. We have an issue discovered today whereby a particular person is not showing in the assignment list for any of the teams they belong to, and thus cannot be assigned tickets. I have deleted their account and remade them, and checked their settings to see whether they are able to action/assign tasks and these are all set to true. The below images show the person should be able to assigned jobs from the Management and Admin group, but they are not appearing in the assignment list. Is there a simple reason why this may be happening to one person's account in particular? Thanks Lauren
  11. lokent

    Search bar missing from Service Portal

    That's so annoying! Hopefully a quick fix though, let me know what happens. Lauren
  12. Happy Birthday!


  13. lokent

    Search bar missing from Service Portal

    Are you accessing through IE whereas you would normally use Chrome or Firefox? We have this issue in IE, and also lose some icons as well so we have asked all staff to access through one of the other browsers. Lauren
  14. lokent

    Customer Feedback Reporting

    Hi - is this still relevant? Looking for some help with feedback measures, but the sandbox is giving nil returns in the Advanced Analytics?? Lauren
  15. Thank you. This is more for the teams who are using the system to have visable snapshot as quickly as possible to enable prioritisation etc. This will help in the interim during testing though! Lauren