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  1. Good morning all! Is there a setting where we can turn off the autofill on the email form? We are preplanning for our HR service to come onto the platform, and want to limit the chances of a personal details email being sent to the wrong individual. If possible, we want our staff to have to type in the whole email address of the correct recipient rather than being suggested individuals with a similar name. Thanks in advance cc @Gemma Morrison @Will Meekings
  2. +1 Would be SUPER helpful as a) we always have people complaining they can't see the yellow (appreciate there are other colours we could change to, but they're all difficult to see depending on your screen settings) b) we have large teams who dip in and out of workload, and if the supervisor clicks on an 'updated' job to see where they are in the process, the line then 'un-yellows' for the analyst working on it so they are then unaware of any updates and so c) the last updated column would enable the analyst to see that its been updated since they last checked without the need for a colour, potentially
  3. Is there a particular reason why this can't be available on the standard view?
  4. ? I don't have the + custom column button that Steve is showing
  5. @Steve Giller, Are you able to make your own columns then, to show a Custom Field? L
  6. Hi all, This is something our customers have long requested. Is there any update on whether this could be a possibility as we always use h_description on check boxes/simple lists and so the wording would be 5 words maximum. Lauren cc @Gemma Morrison@Will Meekings
  7. The aim of the document would be for individuals to print it, and affix it to the reported fault, to try and eliminate others logging the same fault. Whilst we'd struggle to make it mandatory, it would be great to have that option there to hopefully lead people to being good members of staff!
  8. Sorry, not very technically minded here. What would the integration mean for users? We use SM within our force, and are currently in the process of Win10 and the whole package including Teams coming into effect. What could the users expect from the integration across both platforms?
  9. Good morning all I was wondering if there is a way to include a document for download/printing into a progressive capture? I'm aware we could link it to a document saved on the internet/pdf but didn't know if there was a form of sorts we could use. This would be for when faults are logged - a document would 'generate' allowing individuals to print this off and stick on the fault to stop multi logging of the same issue. We would like to avoid emailing the document to them post logging, to save added pressure on our email system. Thanks in advance cc. @Gemma Morrison
  10. Bob - Will this only work on requests logged once we've added h_custom_a to the field? L
  11. Thanks Paul, checked it out, but it looks like it's going to be more work to convert them into flowcharts from the raw data in the excel so probably quicker to have the Portal open and copy/paste direct into the shapes! L
  12. Thank you Deen, shame though as having localised flows of our workstreams has been requested by our HOD!!
  13. Afternoon, all! Is there a way of downloading the entirety of a progressive capture into a readable format? We've got back ups saved locally, but we have been asked if we can provide a 'print out' of the question sets for all our progressive captures. I know in the admin tool we can print the flow, but it doesn't show the questions within the nodules. Thanks in advance, Lauren
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