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  1. we've posted about this too!
  2. Hi @James Ainsworth Is there any suggestion of whether the ability to change the content of questions/summaries etc may be coming to the portals? At the moment it's not a great issue for us, but with the potential for our HR service to come on board I can see a great number of instances whereby the customer includes some sensitive information in their request that shouldn't be there - at the moment I understand we have to come to Hornbill to have it removed by the development teams instead of managing ourselves. That could be a lot of support calls! @Gemma Morrison
  3. I was wondering if there is a way of diminishing the list of assets based on key words in the question log? We have a vast number of assets in our organisation ranging from computer hardware to estate management contracts, and the list is very large to search. Is there a way of assigning key words to assets, so when those are mentioned in the question log only those with the key words are displayed? My thinking was: if the job was electrical, only the contractors we work with who are electrical specialist would appear, rather than 15,000 computers before we see the contractor? It might be a bit too technical for the system, but thought I'd ask! cc @Gemma Morrison
  4. We are getting brilliant feedback on this, our teams are thoroughly enjoying the ability to see their more urgent jobs in a snap!
  5. We are getting brilliant feedback from our teams on this!
  6. James, This looks brilliant I've tagged some colleagues to get their input too I'm assuming we will be able to choose our wording for our priorities i.e. we would want High in Red?
  7. @Lauren @Gemma Morrison I missed this update on Thursday! How good does this look!
  8. I think the update Lauren did yesterday has resolved this Alisha?
  9. Hi all, Apologies I was off yesterday and therefore did not pick any of these up. Thank you for the above, reads as if a fix has been found so we've applied the update and will let you know if not! Lauren
  10. Me again, terrible Tuesday it would appear.... Our team are saying that our customers are continually calling this morning telling us they are receiving multiple resolution emails - i.e. in the BP listed on this request we have a node which sends an email when a job has been closed after 20minutes. However, our staff are getting the same email EVERY 20minutes and again, we don't know why?! Thank you in advance, Lauren and @Gemma Morrison
  11. Good afternoon! We have had an issue raised to our attention whereby requests that have been resolved, and then reopened either by the customer or the analyst, are not then automatically closing as per the business process once secondarily resolved. We have looked into this previously, and got the error resolved but it appears to be back with a vengeance and I'm just getting fed up of the team keep raising the same issue to me!! I have attached a screenshot of our BP above, are there any simple issues I am missing? I am BP blind at this stage! Thanks Lauren & @Gemma Morrison
  12. Took me a while to locate this setting, but it's now switched on! Thanks @James Ainsworth!
  13. @James Ainsworth with all our assets, as Gemma mentioned above need to be archived rather than deleted as we are still required to run reports off them/see which jobs were linked to them.
  14. @Gemma Morrison
  15. @BobbyB I fear this level of 'notification' would not be enough to signpost people to search T Block rather than Headquarters Essex - T Block as the list would still be too big, even if typing Headquarters Essex!
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