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  1. lokent

    Some variables not filling on new email

    we don't use templates *** not snippets, whoops! Thank you for the above.
  2. lokent

    Some variables not filling on new email

    Sorry @Victor, we don't use snippets at the moment and instead have a variety of snippets that our team access. Please could you expand on your response above so I can understand where to write the templates, and how to implement them?
  3. lokent

    Some variables not filling on new email

    @Gemma Morrison please update the team as necessary tomorrow :)
  4. We have been asked by our team if there have been changes made to the variables on the email snippets? At present, a number of our snippets are set up as above with a customer name variable, and the owner name variable. However, since we did the update, only the owner name variable is updating when used in the job. Is there a reason for this? I have tried rewriting the snippet but it doesn't seem to change anything. Also - is there a way to set the formatting, so it always comes up in Tahoma rather than Ariel? We have force standard fonts and unfortunately the new change does not meet the standards, and so our staff are having to manually change over 200 snippets a day.
  5. lokent

    Confusion being caused by customer site's

    Thanks James, will definitely help stop some confusion!
  6. lokent

    Inactive Status Still Assigning Work

    Hi James, We have taught our staff to log out directly from their profile before closing the window and logging out of Windows. However, we had two instances yesterday whereby a member of staff left at 11am and was still showing as being inactive at the time of posting. similarly, we had another leave at 2pm and was still showing as inactive long after the 15minute time frame. As you can imagine, this is causing some issues and I know we have not extended the inactivity window past 20 minutes. @Gemma Morrison
  7. lokent

    Colourings on the request list

    @Gemma Morrison
  8. lokent

    Colourings on the request list

    @Lauren!! We've changed it to khaki, which I think will affect your side too?
  9. All, I think I have raised something similar before - but the issue has moved on, and our staff are continuing to complain about the request list set up. The main gripes are: The difference in colour between a new job and an on-hold job is too slight, the light blue makes it difficult to differentiate The yellow changes in brightness depending on the screen you are viewing it The high priority jobs get lost amongst the masses A number have asked if we are able to change the colourings on the request list ourselves, and I am not sure. Is this something we can do? If we could change the bar colours that would be amazing, but they would also like the type to show in red for High Priority calls. Again, is this something we could do? I feel as though @James Ainsworth said he would take this to the developers, but I can't find the original thread on my profile page! Thank you, I look forward to a response. cc @Gemma Morrison
  10. lokent

    Reporting on Date and Time field

    Please could I ask for an answer on this :)?
  11. Within one of our teams, we have an issue whereby an individual will 'log out' of Service Manager, but the system will show them as inactive for around 15 minutes. During this time, the individual can still be assigned work, even if they are offline. The team are getting round it by putting themselves on DND before they sign out, but this is causing issues with the round robin in the morning if they forget to change their status back. Is this normal working practice for the system, or is there a way we could eradicate the 'inactive' part after logging off? Thanks cc. @Gemma Morrison
  12. Good morning, Is there a way of writing a report, to show you the date and time chosen as a question within the body of a request? An example - we have people request the booking of pool cars, but we need to be able to report on how many are requested for each day of the week NOT what date the request was logged. Thanks
  13. lokent

    Library roles changed again?!

    Thanks Trevor!!
  14. lokent

    Library roles changed again?!

    I've finally found the roles on the portal, adn they don't appear to have changed, but they aren't showing in my assigned roles nor in the drop down list of available roles. I have super user access across the whole administration tool.