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  1. @James Ainsworth Hi James, Hope you are well. Sorry to be a pain! I have got it working, yay! However within some of those stages we have skipped we have some authorisation tasks for the team to complete, is there a way of keeping these at all? or would I need to pop them into the 'in progress' stage?
  2. @James Ainsworth Hi James, hope you are well. I have only just got round to looking into this setting! I have applied the setting and can't seem to figure out where to place the end node in order to skip certain checkpoint stages. In my picture screenshot above I am trying to skip 'amendment of supplier' for an example to then go straight to resolution and feedback... is this possible at all?
  3. Thank you @James Ainsworth I will test this next week @Alisha FYI!
  4. Hi, Within a BPM I know you can skip a checkpoint stage, however this would still appear in the heads up display, would there be a way of potentially hiding a stage you do not require for that p0articlaur request at all? The screenshot below shows 2 different stages 'amendment of supplier' and 'new supplier' I was wondering if it would be possible to hide either of these depending on the request that has been logged via the request category..
  5. +1 please! this would prevent sending emails to incorrect individuals and would benefit our team a lot!
  6. @lokent @Will Meekings @John Delamare-Timms
  7. Hello @James Ainsworth is there any update in regards to Alisha's idea at all please?
  8. This is really affecting our teams having to manually re-assign the requests! Help! @Bob Dickinson Do you have any ideas?
  9. I think it has worked! Thanks @Victor Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year!
  10. @Victor Sorry to be a pain however I have just added in the brackets but it has brought back all records since our go live date?! :s am I getting it wrong?
  11. @Victor Hi Victor, I know! trying to make the day go faster! Thank you, that's really helpful! I did have to re-read it a few times to get my head around it but I will give it a go and let you know how I get on!
  12. Hi Bob, Yes I am sorry! The screenshot is below for you, however I have run and downloaded the report as I noticed that the preview can be incorrect sometimes as you have said! thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
  13. @Victor Hi victor do you have any ideas on this one at all?
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