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Several translations are missing in our customer portal


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I have a bunch of Customer Portal's translations which I did not found:

1. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate Service Category contents.

2. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate “Sub-status” Headline of “My Requests”.

3. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate “Upload Image” and “Insert Emoji”.

4. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate Title and Text of announcement. Also “Yes” and “No” strings didn’t found.

5. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate “Yes” and “No”.

6. Problem: Didn’t found any strings or in Service Portfolio, were I can translate “Available” and “This Service is currently Available”.

7. Problem: Didn’t found any strings or in Progressive Capture, were I can translate “Please provide a value for the above field”. These fields are mandatory. If they leave empty then this text appears.

Please see the attachment were are these same questions with pictures.


Translations not found.docx

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13 hours ago, MikaP said:

1. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate Service Category contents.

Hi @MikaP

The Service Categories come under the Simple Lists.  In Administration if you navigate to Hornbill Service Manager>Simple Lists and select the item titled serviceCategory you are able to provide the translations for each of your listed Service Categories.


Let me know if this is the information that you are looking for.


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James has already covered item 1. 

2. List status and sub status
guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.portal.home.requestView.subStatus (missing)

3. Post action - upload image, insert emoji

5. Yes/no for dialogs

6. Service Status -

There is an issue in the Customer Portal, where this value is not translated.

but the strings are 




The popup from this button is not translated, but will display the value saved in the Service Form.  

I will need to talk to the developers about the translations for the disconnection popup (4), and the progressive capture mandatory prompt (7).

Hope this helps,


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Hi @Ryan Thanks for your answer.

Number 2: guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.portal.home.requestView.subStatus (missing) So, I expect that this will shown in a short while in the near future? Right?

Number 3:


But in Customer Portal is still: 


Number 5: YES and NO for dialogs are translated but they don't show in Customer Portal.

Number 6: Strings 




Are actually translated but those are not shown in Customer Portal.

Numbers 4 and 7. I hope that you'll find a solution as soon as possible.

So, it seems that translations are in place but somehow don't show in Customer Portal.

Best Regards,


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Hi @Ryan and @James Ainsworth

There are still two issues with these translations:

Found the strings: “guest.core.uploadImage” and “guest.core.insertEmoji”. And there are translations in place, but translations are not showing in customer portal.

"Yes" and "No" buttons are translated and are shown in customer portal (or I thought that I saw those in customer portal), but I haven't found the right string to title (Disconnection Problem) and text (You have been disconnected...)


Same thing to this. Where are title and text translations?


Best Regards,


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the translation “guest.core.uploadImage” and “guest.core.insertEmoji” are not displaying correctly at the moment will be fixed in the next release of the collaboration core which should be available in the next few days.

Translations have been added for the disconnection message guest.component.disconnection.* this will be available in the next platform release which should also be released soon

Sorry for the inconvenience

Trevor Harris

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