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Found 9 results

  1. When a request is created via the Email Routing Rules 'raiseNewRequest' and also for updates with the 'updateRequest' the request/timeline update is not set as the default language of the matched contact. This means the translate option it no triggered when the request is viewed by an analyst who has a language setting different to that of the contact, which then causes issues when dealing with request on a multilingual service. The routing rule creation or update should apply the language setting from the match contact to the automated update. Cheers Martyn
  2. Can the existing Translation Key entity be extended to have a property which allows you to exclude it from being updated by a bulk translation process? The reason being is there are some keys which hold text which should not be attempted to be updated in to the alternate languages as it contains fixed literal information. For example the social footer information displayed on the portal. These reference values are literal and should not be attempted to be translated. We are finding we have to either do manual updates to our translations as we makes change or undertake a bulk one and then go back in an manually revert the ones which should have been left as the original value we have set (not the hornbill default one). Cheers Martyn
  3. Are there any plans to add support the creation of Email Template Translations, i.e. you have one Email Templates, such as 'RequestMessage' one which has the option to hold translated versions in addition to the default one, with the correct one being selected based on the 'Customers' language? This would fit in with only being able to select a single default request message template on the service, where as at the moment we would have to create seperate templates for each lanuage and use separate services or only send emails via the BPM where we can determine which email template to use. Cheers Martyn
  4. Hello, I have a bunch of Customer Portal's translations which I did not found: 1. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate Service Category contents. 2. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate “Sub-status” Headline of “My Requests”. 3. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate “Upload Image” and “Insert Emoji”. 4. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate Title and Text of announcement. Also “Yes” and “No” strings didn’t found. 5. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate “Yes” and “No”. 6. Problem: Didn’t found any strings or in Service Portfolio, were I can translate “Available” and “This Service is currently Available”. 7. Problem: Didn’t found any strings or in Progressive Capture, were I can translate “Please provide a value for the above field”. These fields are mandatory. If they leave empty then this text appears. Please see the attachment were are these same questions with pictures. \MikaP Translations not found.docx
  5. Hi, I didn't notice where I can translate this text which is shown in Customer Portal: This picture is from our Customer Portal and as you can see, there is no translation "2 hours ago". I checked our translations from here: But is this right place to look at that translation? Best Regards, MikaP
  6. Hi, I have this progressive capture, where customer can add attachment. But where can I translate those two strings? Only place what I found was https://admin.hornbill.com/axiell/language/translations/com.hornbill.servicemanager/ with Translation Key: guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.portal.home.requestView.details.attachment.uploadDocument and Translation Key: guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.portal.home.requestView.details.attachment.orDragAndDrop But still my pCapture and Customer Portal site are in English. Regards, @MikaP
  7. Hi guys, I have been asked a really difficult question by my boss today: "Is it possible to translate manually on the fly content in Hornbill?"... Let me give you a bit more context. We have plants and offices all across EMEA, including IT Support staff. Unfortunately our users and not really bothered with high-tech, web sites, quality of data, etc... When they contact us, it's because something is broken and they need it fixed ASAP, or they have a question which needs an immediate answer (pretty much like all users I guess ! ). As a consequence, they do not setup their profiles properly... Here is the distribution of languages: And countries: As you can see, this is not great... Pretty much every single user has its profile setup with English when they are not in an English speaking country. Now this is getting problematic when for example John from Greece logs a request in Greek, but his profile is in "English". In this scenario, we do not get the "translate" button available: (Sorry for the poor quality, screen grab from youtube!) Another example (this time with a German guy): Thomas logged a request via the portal (great!) but because his profile language is set to "English" here is what we see in the request details: It is the same on all the timeline... Having given some context, I hope you will understand where my boss comes from with his question: how can we get the "translate" button available here? This is to date one of the main "negative" feedback we get from our analysts all across EMEA and we cannot really blame them. The way I see it, I can only think of 2 options: - Change the language of all users properly => not really long term solution especially as all our users are automatically synchronized with our Active Directory (using the LDAP User Import utility) and therefore I cannot really do much (given that the AD does not have a language field) - Change Hornbill to give us this possibility to translate on the fly (a bit like Google translate)? I am of course opened to any suggestions! PS: Don't shoot the messenger!!
  8. Hi all, I am experiencing some issues when searching for specific translation strings. This is happening with about half of the strings I search for. For example when searching for ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager I get the following: When I then search for ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.email nothing shows up.. Am I doing something wrong? This is quite irritating for when you wish to translate certain aspects of the application. Also, does anyone know the translation string for this one: Thanks, Alex
  9. Hi all, I have noticed some missing translation options. They are not in the 'Live Chat' translations list. Will post more translation issues in this thread as I find them. The above are also not in a Simple List as could also be the case. Thanks, Alex
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