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Found 7 results

  1. When attempting to add a Translation to a Request Sub-status, they are not saved. My also be related to our other post where the Request Type for All is not pulled through. In this case I have to set the Request Type to All on the first tab before the Save button will enable. Cheers Martyn
  2. As there is no interactive translation mode for the customer portal, I am trying to identify all the translation entries that would be applicable under the Translation options in each of the area's below, which would be applicable to the content displayed on the customer portal. Service Manager Collaboration System We have done the bulk update by using the Google Translate integration but now need to correct some of these using our native specking staff. My aim is to do this first off by extracting the current translation entries so that they can be corrected off line by our team and then any changes copied back in manually via the admin tool. Then once this has been done we would then do a second phase of interactively going thorough the portal to determine if any further changes are required based on the context/placement. To this end What is the naming convention for portal entries in the Translation options for each app? What table(s) are these held so that I can export them to Excel/CSV for the native speakers to correct? Is there way to determine when viewing the customer portal the specific translation element being used to display the label/text? Cheers Martyn
  3. Hello, I have a bunch of Customer Portal's translations which I did not found: 1. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate Service Category contents. 2. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate “Sub-status” Headline of “My Requests”. 3. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate “Upload Image” and “Insert Emoji”. 4. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate Title and Text of announcement. Also “Yes” and “No” strings didn’t found. 5. Problem: Didn’t found any strings were I can translate “Yes” and “No”. 6. Problem: Didn’t found any strings or in Service Portfolio, were I can translate “Available” and “This Service is currently Available”. 7. Problem: Didn’t found any strings or in Progressive Capture, were I can translate “Please provide a value for the above field”. These fields are mandatory. If they leave empty then this text appears. Please see the attachment were are these same questions with pictures. \MikaP Translations not found.docx
  4. When setting up the Contact details for the Customer & Service Portals and a new language is added to the system, the details are not copied across. Consequently, each one has to be changed from the Hornbill defaults to ours. The only way to do this is: Login as English (British). Set up the details on Home > System > Manage Portals > Customise Customer Portal & Customise Service Portal. Change my language to the next one in the list. Log out Log back in again (in a language that I might not be able to read natively) Repeat steps 2 to 5 for the next 15 languages. This is tedious & time consuming in the extreme. Fortunately, we spotted this before it went live to our Customers but it could have been very embarrassing. It's not what we would have expected since there are no Language options on the configuration page. It needs to have the same options as FAQs where the language can be selected & updated individually. Or at very least, a warning where multiple languages are involved.
  5. Hi, I tried to change translation to one service, but it seems not working at the moment. Also another user were doing global translations at the same time and it crashes after 3200 translations were done. Best Regards, @MikaP
  6. A possible bug in custom forms in Progressive Capture. Steps to reproduce: 1. Add a custom form to Progressive Capture that has a field of type label. 2. Add a default value in English. 3. Switch to another language and enter translation of default value. 4. Switch back to English Expected behavior: English text is shown. Actual behavior: Home made translation is shown. If I then add English again and switch over to the translated language the last entered text remains despite language. 1. English text 2. Swedish translation 3. Back to English after editing text
  7. Hi Please can someone let me know what wildcard I should use when trying to find fields that I know contain a certain word (for example 'building')? I've attached a file showing the screen I'm referring to. I've tried % and * to no avail. I've tried finding this out using the forum but it's not clear (to me) and I've also read that you can't search for the start of words using a wildcard - is this true? Thanks, Trish Forum - Wildcard Query.docx
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