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Tips on how to make analysts remember category


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Due to the fact that request categories cannot be translated at this time we decided that the support agent and not the customer will set the request category.

How do we make sure the support agent does this? If we make it mandatory in the process it will be a problem for those services where we don't want to use request categories.

Suggestions on how to solve this in a nice way?

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@HHH you could present the categories in the progressive capture as a question to prompt the support agent to provide a category while logging, if it is mandatory it must be completed, so don't use this progressive capture for any catalogute item/process that doesn't need a category.

You could split out the processes a bit more and for each one that requires a category the process can set it automatically. You could even have a switch to check the details within the process, and if the details require a category then prompt for a category, otherwise skip that part.

You can also limit the logging and resolution categories within the catalogue items, so that there is a simple list to choose from per service/catalogue item when the support agent is logging or setting the category within an already logged request. 

You could also have a simple prompt via a human task within the process as Victor suggests above.


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