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'Not Answered' showing in Question Log


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Is there a way of getting rid of 'Not Answered' in a flow of questions once a job has been logged?

We use a lot of override flags in our Pro Caps because of various questions we need depending on the topic of the call. At the moment, this looks incredibly messy and difficult for the analyst to scroll through looking for the info they require.

This is something we are really keen to resolve because it will add a lot of time onto any support call just trying to find the information!

As you can see, there are two questions at the bottom which definitely don't relate to cars :P!

Thank you in advance

2018-04-20 15_42_53-SR00000845 - Hornbill.png

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Hi @lokent

In the admin portal, if you go to Hornbill Service Manager -> Application Settings and then filter on "answer" you should see the following three settings which when turned on will hide the unanswered questions:




Hope that helps,

Kind Regards,


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